Monday, January 23, 2012

New Beginnings...

I've been really feeling the need to change my header, but honestly, I've forgotten so much of my copy editing and layout class from college that I really didn't want to try to start up with the headache of using InDesign.  But alas, I finally broke down and decided to jump back in.  I'm no professional.  Honestly, it's just something I don't have patience for, until I start getting back into it, then I start enjoying it again.  

I hope it's not too bad, or too much of a change, but I'm kinda liking it.  

I was always one of those kids that rearranged my bedroom with the seasons, so having the same header for two years, started to kill me!  

My goals in life have been tweaked a tad.  My love of different things in life has grown.  I really felt the need to change my blog as my life has changed.

What do you think? Should I go back to my old one?  Revamp the new one?  
So many questions.  Let me know.


Manda Berke said...

I like it... sorta. :) If you like it girl who cares! You Dana-fied it!!! I work in photoshop uhh its such a labor of love to maintain a blog. I hear you there because I have been trying to think of a blog header for our fitness blog. :)

Good job Dana!

Dana said...

I changed it up again... a little tweaking! I hope it's a little better, something about it was annoying me too!

Please follow me amanda! I love having followers! :)


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