Monday, August 12, 2013

Day by Day...

Ok. Let's be honest. Don't let anyone sugar coat getting your tonsils out. It's horrible. Absolutely horrible.

At first I thought to myself, in a state of drunken anesthesia, "this isn't all that bad!" Fabulous! How great that this isn't what the doctors were saying. Well, once those drugs wear off, let me tell you, it's not fun. It's a constant battle between dryness and an overproduction of mucus. You feel the need to drink, but nothing, and I mean nothing will quench your thirst. Even when you can choke some ice cold water down, it hurts. Like worse than the worst sore throat you've ever imagined kinda hurt.

Did I mention it's not fun?

I kept thinking, ok, weight loss. Anything to lose that pesky last 10 pounds. But then you realize that you're putting on water weight because you're drinking. A lot. And you've taken in no food, so there's not much coming out if you get what I'm saying.

Then you can't work. So, what do you do? In your week of boredom you go through facebook, pinterest, and instagram.  Bad idea! Stay away from these sites as much as possible. Want to know why? FOOD. Everyone and their mother wants to post what they are eating, what they are going to eat, and what they plan on making one day to eat. And it's horrible! Absolutely horrible.

This was my revenge.

That's right Day Three of "healing."

How absolutely disgusting right?!

Go ahead, post some more foodie pictures to your Facebook and Instagram to torture a poor girl that can't eat! I'll teach you. I did actually feel bad about posting the picture, so I took it down. I didn't want anyone to puke; I just wanted to ruin their supper.

I've been completely addicted to sweets for about a year and I have to say that this little getaway from food has definitely helped nix that a bit. If I never eat another popsicle again, I think I'll be incredibly happy. I'm pretty sure that I've burned off those sweet tastebuds.

Tomorrow is my ten day check up with my Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor.

I'm finally starting to sound normal, and the ear pain and head pain has also subsided a lot. I'm pretty sure that day five was the worst of it. I'm pretty sure I asked my husband to just off me and end my misery. He didn't. Aren't you thankful?


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