Monday, March 26, 2012


So, we're back from our tropical getaway, but both are feeling a little bit under the weather.  I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon.  Isn't that how it always happens?  You go on vacation and then end up needing a vacation from vacation.  I'm really hoping that while we're on the mend we hit the mega millions jackpot.  A dollar and a dream right?  One could only dream that vacation could just be what daily life is like.  Sigh.  While I'm sleeping, with the help of some NyQuil, I'll be thinking of beaches and drinks with umbrellas...

Monday, March 12, 2012

How I Spend My Saturdays...

One of my goals for this year was to start focusing on things that I've been putting off.  Usually, I sleep in on my Saturdays and spend it like this...

Last year I wanted to really get my butt in gear with working out, and I did.  It feels great.

This year, one of my goals was to start swimming again.  I've been missing it.  I use to love swimming. Throughout college it was my choice workout.  I wanted that again.  So, for the past three Saturdays I've been getting up and going swimming.

I was actually nervous about stepping into the pool again.  I didn't want to look like a fool, although, to most, I do because of the swim attire... 

But I didn't want it to feel awkward.  I didn't want to feel like I haven't swam in two years.  Two years! I debated on doing it for the entire half hour drive to the pool.  I sat in the car trying to convince myself to just go back home.  But I got my butt out of the car and into the locker room.  I needed to do this.  I needed to swim.

The first time felt great.  It was amazing to feel my body in sync again.  It feels so natural to be in the water.  I feel weightless.  I feel graceful.  I feel as close to perfect as I could possibly ever get.

The first two weeks I didn't do my turns.  I was scared I couldn't still do them.  It was like the first time I was taught.  I've always loved swimming, but I didn't learn how to do all the bells and whistles until I was 21, I still don't know it all.  I was scared I was going to hit the wall.  I was scared I was going to knock myself out.  I was scared of that feeling you get in your head when water gets in your ears.

My third swim this past Saturday I had my earplugs of choice in and got in the pool.  I didn't think about it beforehand.  I didn't plan on trying my turns.  But my first lap down, I decided half way that I was going to try it. Who cares if I looked like a fool!  So, I went for it.  And it was perfect.  It was like I never stopped swimming.

I wanted to cry.  It felt amazing.  I felt so accomplished.  I felt like I could still call myself a swimmer.  I felt my body in motion.

I swam for an hour.  It felt like ten minutes.

I'm a swimmer.

No, I will never be amazing.  I'll never have the perfect stroke.  I'll never be the fastest person in the pool or the most graceful.  But I always feel like I am.

Goggle Eyes!

I like this setting goals for myself thing.  I think it could actually work.  I think I could learn to love being a person that keeps their word when it comes to settings goals and raising the bar.

Hopefully, I'll tackle more items on my list...

Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Get Out of A Funk...

Surprise, Surprise.  I've been in a funk.  Actually, I'm trying to NOT be in a funk.  Confused?  Well,  I'm pretty sure that normal people call it hormones.  I think men call it the devil that visits monthly.  I'm not exactly sure what I want to call it, other than a Funk.  Stupid hormones.  If they can't give me a baby, then why the heck do I have them?!  Ugh, sigh.  

So, for women, who like me, get in a funk once a month, I'm going to show you how to get out of it.  It's kinda fabulous.  I call it my Six Steps to Sanity.

Cuddle and Talk to Someone Who Doesn't Talk Back.

Go on a Tiny,  Little Shopping Spree.  

Continue the Shopping Spree and Proceed to Get Ready for Vacation.  Preferably, Buy a New Suitcase that No One Could Possibly Mistake for Theirs (This Will Keep You Non-Hormonal When Said Vacation Happens and You Are at a Crowded Airport).

Relax.  Enjoy the Things You Love.

Go for a Drive.  A Long Drive.  Enjoy the Scenery.  Get Lost in the Moment.


There's nothing you can do about the hormones, the devil, or whatever you want to call your monthly visitor, but I can sure try to ward it off from ruining my days and putting me into a funk. Today was a fabulous day because I followed my Six Steps to Sanity.  

You can totally work the steps and have good days no matter what time of the month it is.  Try it.  I swear it works.


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