Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Been Awhile But I Haven't Been Slacking...

So Thanksgiving has passed and it's getting so much closer to Christmas, which also means the end of my semester.  So I have been slacking with my writing on here but for good reason... I've been writing for school, continuously.  

I made it through Thanksgiving with flying colors... no big eating, no desserts.  Plus I've been working out on a more regular basis than I was in the past.  I'm going for my walks and when I'm not doing that I've been at the gym or on my wii fit.  It's crazy to say but I think the wii fit kicks my ass more than the gym sometimes.  I just can't get motivated on some days and if I head to the gym on those days I usually put in a lackluster effort, but when I use the wii fit I find myself saying that I'll do at least a half hour but then I can't help but push myself to the hour.  By the end of that I'm sweating my ass off and the next day I can barely walk up the stairs, then the next day I'm in even more pain.  And I love it!  It feels so great to have that workout pain back.  The other day when I was leaving my class I got into a little coughing fit, and all I wanted to do was stop because my abs hurt so much.  Yea, I said abs, I know they're under there somewhere!  

I've been so busy the past week or so and I think I'm finally getting a handle on things.  My bartending buddy ended up working for me the other night and it was a big help.  I got some final papers done and I had time to study my lines for my Broadcast final.  

We're planning on having Christmas dinner at our house and I'm so excited.  I bought a manger (we didn't have one before, and with the new house it didn't seem complete without one) and my mom and I are putting up the tree tomorrow before I head out to work.  I love having our house and being able to do whatever we want with it.  I'm so grateful for all we have.  I just love sharing it with our family and friends.  It's going to be nice to have a full house.  One of my best buds is heading home for the holidays and I finally bought a bed for her (and others) to sleep on.  My friend from nyc might be heading up here too after we spend a day catching up with our old gym buddies.  I can't wait to be done with school for a month.  It'll be nice to have the time to devote to myself and my health.  We're definitely going to Aruba in May, so I have to keep this up... 


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