Friday, August 21, 2009

One Month Till the Wedding!

One month till our wedding and I'm on such a perfect path to losing the weight I want to before the big day.  I'm at 151 right now, by the big day I'd like to weigh 145-140.  For me, that's a size 6.  A size 6! I haven't been that size since I was 16 and this time, I'm actually doing it the right way.  Eating right, mostly a diet of protein, fruits and veggies and lots and lots of exercise.  Jen Murphy is a miracle worker.  My body is changing so much and I love looking at myself in the mirror right now.  I can do pull up crunches with ease now.  Crunches are getting easier and easier.  Squats are like nothing now.  The pain is getting easier to bare after my workouts and I feel so energetic.  I'm following Jen's recommendation of making sure I have protein everyday.  I take this protein called New Whey.  It's basically like a shot of liquid.  Not like a needle, it's like a shot of alcohol- but doubled.  It's the easiest way for me to get my protein in and I can drink it right after my workout or keep it in my pocketbook and drink it quick at work.  It's the easiest way for me to get it in- and I don't have to get out my blender or drink some nasty thick shake.  I love this protein.   Check it out.  

Today was my wedding dress fitting.  It was amazing.  The dress is big on me, but they don't want to take it in until my next fitting on September 12th because they don't want to take it in more than once.  My veil was almost finished and my hair clip is amazing.  I'm beyond cloud 9 right now!  Unfortunately, losing this weight has also caused me to lose a lot of my boobs.  It sucks, but I'd rather be thinner with a smaller chest then big with a bigger one.  If the fat has got to go, it can go from anywhere on my body, I'm not too particular.  I can't wait for my next fitting!  So much to look forward to... 30 days!  I'll officially be a Mrs.  

So Jen is adding a Wednesday and Friday afternoon class to her schedule once the kids go back to school.  A 1 pm class is perfect for us night working girls.  That means I might be able to get in 4 days a week with Jen.  I love it... I think I'm getting obsessed with working out.  This is a nice addiction.  I'd rather love this than my obsession with food.  Life is good...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Love Cooking...

After a nasty bought with my IBS I decided to go off of Jenny Craig.  I think the massive amounts of sodium that are in frozen dinners are just not good for my body.  I'm back to eating fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and chicken... it just made me think, I love to cook.  I love making meals into healthier version of standards.  And my hubby loves my meals too, so I guess I'm not that bad of a cook.  I wish I could open my own restaurant, but to make money you need to have money to spend... maybe one day.

So yesterday, I hit up one of my favorite places, Soon's Orchard, and bought organic peanut butter (for $2) and tons of apples, blueberries, peaches, nectarines... I love local farms, and I wish there were more in my town, but that's the nice thing about going back to school soon, New Paltz is full of local markets.  I hear there's a farmers market on weekends in my area, but to get anything good you have to make it there at 8 am.  That's just not going to happen when I go to bed at about 4 am on Friday night... maybe one day if I ever work a normal schedule.  But tonight I must say, I think I outdid myself with the food for hubby's dinner tomorrow... Cheddar bacon Chicken- low fat, low sodium, and still full of taste.  I can't wait till he eats it.  I love cooking... I've missed it so much.  

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Feeling Frustrated!

My weight is not budging.  I'm doing what I'm supposed to do, but nothing is working... am I complaining? Yup.  I have stomach problems that are plaguing me and I feel like it's the reason I just can't budge.  Jen thinks I need to step up my cardio from walking.  I think it's a combination of both.  It's just so damn frustrating.  I'm so hungry after my workouts so it's hard to keep my head moving toward a goal.  I know sometimes I eat too much, but too much fruit and veggies? How is that possible?  How can the things that are good for you, keep you from getting what you really want?!  The days I eat a lot of fruit and veggies to stay off my hunger, my stomach problems act up even more!  I'll try to keep what the hubby says in mind, "drink water and wait 20 minutes before you go for something more to eat..."  I'm trying... did I mention that I read the Monica Seles memoir? I want to say, if she could lose weight, so can I, but let's be realistic...  I've been in such a mood the past couple days because I feel disgustingly bloated and in pain... why can't this be more simple?  I don't want to feel like these sessions with Jen are a waste... this week will be two days in a row with her, let's see some more results body!  ughhh... let me just be in my mood


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