Friday, April 6, 2012

Wishing I Was BACK to Normal...

I've had knee problems my whole life.  I've had pain before.  But let me tell you, back pain, like I've been experiencing for the past 2-3 weeks has been absolutely unbearable!  It put me in the ER.  It has kept me from the gym.  It's pretty much a deal breaker on all the things I enjoy in life.

Is this how Karma treats me for going on a tropical vacation in the middle of March?

I was in pain during vacation, but vacation has a way of telling your body it's OK when it really isn't.  It's kinda strange when you're laying out in the sun or the middle of the ocean and you just can't get comfortable because of unbearable sciatica pain.  I've had the back issue for about two months and I learned to deal with it, but then the shooting pain started and it just likes to rear its ugly little head at the most inopportune moments.  For all the people that deal with back pain and work on your feet on top of it, kuddos to you because my body is screaming at me to relieve it.  I'm hoping there's some solution in my near future because I can't take pain meds anymore.  I feel like I'm tricking myself into thinking I'm healed when I'm really just masking it.  I think my body deserves better than that.

It's amazing how I could go from loving my lazy days around the house to absolutely hating having to not go to the gym.  Along with physical therapy I'm stretching and getting a little bit of low impact, tolerable, cardio in, but I'm going stir crazy.  I miss the gym.  I think it misses me too.

I'm determined to feel better.  I'm listening to my body.  I'm icing.  I'm heating.  I'm taking baths and hot showers.  All the things I'm told.  I'm a good patient.  But I'm so damn impatient!

I'm hoping for a fabulous weekend of people watching at church and enjoying the company of family.  I can't wait to see all the kids in their Easter outfits!  I wonder what I'm going to wear!  But if you, like me, find yourself in church this weekend and you have a moment to say a little prayer, please keep me in mind with my back.  I'm really trying not to be selfish and there are so many other things and people who deserve your prayers more than I do, but if you find yourself thinking of me, I'd be humbled and so grateful!

Enjoy spring break!  Enjoy the blessings God has brought to you!


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