Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh, What a Perfect Day...

I have fallen in love all over again. What, you say? Have I fallen out of love with hubby and back in again? No, silly, I could never. I will always love him, but I do have a secret love from my past. She is amazing. Yes, she.

The best character ever born by the genius of an author's mind and pen. I have fallen in love again with Anne Shirley, my Anne of Green Gables. Now, to be honest, I never really fell out of love with her, but we've been separated for such a very long time. The last time that I read these L.M. Montgomery classics was probably about 13 years ago. Crazy, right? How dare I let her sit on the shelf for that long without opening those beige pages. They smell so perfect. Just like walking into a library. To open up the pages of an old book is like smelling cookies baking in a shop and having it remind you of a moment in time with your Grama. It just takes you back.

After reading book one, I popped in the movie. I love this movie. You know how movies pretty much suck after you read a book and fall in love with it and the characters? Well, these movies didn't trash the classic. I envisioned Anne like Megan Follows, beautiful with her red locks even if she didn't know it. I loved the adventures, I loved Matthew and Marilla. I loved seeing her dress with the oh so very puffed sleeves. Diana Barry was perfect. I always thought that I would name my daughter one day, Cordelia, because it is such a beautiful name for a princess. Anne fans would know. They would understand. I only made it through disk one, but with almost four hours with watching Anne, and others imagining with her, I decided that I should maybe get dressed. Possibly. I mean it was my day off so I should be productive.

Grocery shopping was on the plate. All organic. So expensive.

The bathroom also needed to be cleaned. All the fun stuff.

Then I bought some stuff for planting my plants. Now, I don't know if I've ever mentioned my not so green thumb before, but it's so far from green, it's scary. But I think it's mostly because I forget about plants. You know, that they need sun or that they need water. Well I decided that I was going to try to not kill the plants this summer. So I bought some cute little gardening gloves, some pots, and what I thought was soil. Come to find out, I bought plant food, so my planting has been put off another day. I was so inspired by the flowers at Green Gables in the movie. The beautiful countryside that is Prince Edward Island. I hope one day to go back.

Hopefully, I will be toting one of these carpet bags.

Oh, did I mention that Anne carried a carpet bag when arriving at Marilla and Matthew's home? I've always wanted one, but I didn't think that anyone still made these things! But after a short google search, I found out that they are indeed still made! I want the modern one with the strap and the star and moon fabric, what a surprise right? I'm pretty sure I'm an old lady in a somewhat young person's body. A cup of tea and an old friend, what could be better for a day off?


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