Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Button Earrings...

I've been keeping myself busy making more and more earrings.  I've got more designs coming soon.  I've been blessed with friends who love to donate vintage buttons to my earring making.  I can't wait to get them started.  But until then, here are some more I've been working on.  Some new buttons, some vintage buttons.  Love them all.

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Friday, June 22, 2012


I think I need to start making lists.  Does this work for people?  Do people with those type of personalities accomplish more then say, Me, the ultimate procrastinator?

I've been off of work for 5 weeks and I feel like I've wasted so much time.  Even though I was highly limited on what I could do, I really didn't accomplish any task I wanted to. I'm so disappointed in myself.  I thought that the minimum I could of done was start up my Rosetta Stone again.  But, alas, I didn't.  I did however take the time to put the program on my laptop and not just keep it on the desktop. Baby steps here, baby steps.

I worked my first day back yesterday and I felt great.  So much better.  I can't imagine working like I did before the surgery.  I love being pain free, but my doctor still isn't okay with me working full-time yet, so I'm just easing into it slowly.  It's really sad when the receptionist at the doctor's office knows your name by the sound of your voice.  I told her that I took it as a compliment.  I'm not sure if it was meant as one seeing that I've called at least once a week before my surgery and I've called at least once a week after my surgery. That's about ten calls she's taken from me.  Maybe it's just because I'm young and not many 27 year-olds have back surgery. I'm definitely convincing myself of the latter.

Basically, my time is running out on having loads of free time.

Maybe it's that I really thrive off of working on things under pressure.  Again, with the convincing.

So, how do you A-type personality people do it?  How do you follow through with things you say you're going to do.  I still wake up wanting to hit the gym and I can't wait to get back to it; the gym is one routine that I got myself on and have stuck with.  It took me a lifetime of trying!  But, I can't seem to stop wasting time long enough to do my Rosetta Stone or other things that I keep swearing to myself that I'm going to do.

Any advice you go-getters?!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back from Nashville...

Even with my back surgery, I managed to make my way down to Nashville for our annual trip to the CMA Music Festival.  It's a trip that I honestly can't see not taking every year.  It's amazing.  If you're a country music fan, it's a must do, at least once in your lifetime.  It's like music overload, but in the best way possible.  It was a little rough on me this year.  Fortunately, we stayed in downtown Nashville, but we really didn't foresee the one problem that would arise: our hotel was up a major hill.  Not too fun for someone who just had back surgery and hasn't had any exercise since March.  It was rough.  I haven't taken old lady naps in my life other than when I've been sick, but around 3 p.m. everyday I needed a three hour nap to help ease me into the nighttime concerts that started around seven.  I've never loved a hotel bed more in my life.

My hubby managed to get us tickets to the CMT Music awards and we also saw a great intimate concert with Vince Gill, Jake Owen, and other song writers from Nashville at the Ryman.  I love Nashville.  I love the waterfront and thankfully we got to take full advantage of it this year.  I love the vibe of the streets.  I love hearing amazing singers in every bar.  But it also scares me; I keep thinking to myself, how could I make it here?!  I'd love to take the chance one day to write songs in Nashville, but there are so many talented people around.  I think this trip taught me that if I ever want to really try my hand at it, I really have to step up my game.

One day, hopefully I can perform on the songwriters showcase next to Vince Gill.  How amazing would that be?  Every one has their dreams right?  Again, I really need to step up my game.  But until then, I'll keep enjoying my favorite city every year.  I never want to leave.  Hopefully, one day I won't have to.

There were moments that I just won't forget.  But my favorite had to be watching Eric Church perform at LP field.  He was absolutely amazing.  If you weren't an fan of his before his part of the concert, you were made a fan by the end.  It's nice to see an artist still get choked up by the audience.  I'll never forget watching him and watching the audience reaction during his "Springsteen" song.  That feeling has to be absolutely amazing; sixty-five thousand people singing your song back to you.  Amazing.  Chills.

Now, my Nashville Picture Overload.


Monday, June 18, 2012

10 Year Reunion...

I honestly can't believe that it's been 10 years since high school.  I'm not sure if I feel like it was yesterday or if I feel like it was forever ago.  

Honestly, a lifetime ago.  

My life has changed so much since those days, but I also have some constants too.  I'm not best friends with the people I would have believed I was going to keep in my life, but everything happens for a reason and every person enters and exits your life for a reason.  Everyone you meet has a purpose.  I have friends that I can't live without.  I have friends who even when we haven't seen each other we can pick up right where we left off.  I have friends who I need in my life on a daily basis.  

I'm not going to say I was a social butterfly.  I'm not going to act like I went out of my comfortable circle.  But it was nice to see familiar faces in the crowd.  It will be interesting if we could get a 15 year reunion together or pull together the 20 year reunion; seeing that this one almost didn't happen.

I'm glad I went.  But it would have been nice to see more people from our class.  Not too many showed up, but those who did, definitely made it a memorable one.  

I'm glad for the friends I had back then, those I reconnected with (even just a little), and those who have made an impact on my life and for my life to come.  I couldn't have asked for better friends in my past, my present, and my future.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A New Addition...

I couldn't help it.  

I had to have her.

I walked in and saw her and said, "Hi baby, I'm your mommy."

She cuddled into me.

I fell in love.

We named her Stella.  I'm not going to lie, I love yelling it.  She's been in apart of our little family since April and we couldn't be happier.  The Laundromat is also pretty happy because we've been visiting them during her potty training because our King size comforters are too big for our machine.

She's perfect.  

Her sister Luna tried really hard not to love her at first.  That lasted about a day.  Then she fell in love.  Stella is Luna's baby.

She loves to nap, especially on my computer.  She loves to drink water and when she's thirsty she goes to our water cooler and scratches at it.  She's too smart.  Just like her mommy.  

I try to be so humble when it comes to my kids.  But seriously, I really can't be.

It's Totally My Birthday Month...

So why am I not excited?

I'm not going to lie, since my last post, the months have been a bit hard.  My back was worse then thought and I needed to have back surgery.  Let me just say, the surgery and the recovery is so much better than the pain that I was having; at least so far.  The pain was so intense.  Granted I'm only a few days off of my surgery, but I feel so good, at least no more leg pain, just some pain at my incision site.  I'm definitely still in my funk that this all created, but I'm really going to try so hard to get myself out of it.  But this back issue took away all the things that I have come to love in my life.  No gym, no earrings, no guitar, no work, no walking, no gym, sigh.  It's so nice out too, and I can't ride my fabulous bike to the gym either... Did I mention how much I hate not having money already and i'm only a few days into my no work thing!?  Wow, I take so much of my money for granted.  I think I need to revamp my budget—AGAIN!  Especially when I get the chance to get back to work in 6 weeks—6 WEEKS! I need to totally not take for granted the position I'm in.  I'm really good with my money, but I could be even better.  Guess this is what people think of when they have no income coming in and they have way too much time on their hands.  At least it's what I'm thinking of.

I'm totally a person that revels in their birthday month.  I don't limit it to a day or a week, it's always a month.  Yup, I'm that annoying person.  But this time is so different.  I'm not even a little excited.  I'm going to be 28.  I've already had back surgery.  I feel like I'm falling apart.  Emotionally.  Physically.  I'm drained.  Everyone is totally trying to keep my spirits up and I really appreciate it.  From my family, to my coworkers, and my customers, everyone has been keeping in contact and checking in on me.  A lot of people that I never expected.  It means a lot.  I just wish that their positive thoughts could rub off on me just a tad more.

So my birthday is coming up on Wednesday and I'm determined to be a little bit more motivated and a little bit more positive by then.  I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I am.  Twenty-eight huh?  Lordy, I thought I'd have abs by this month, but instead I'm missing pieces of my back!  But I'm determined to get back to my normal routine.  I'm determined to fight my deteriorating back.  Somehow.  I wish I could get motivated with my writing, but I'm in such a funk that I can't get the next scenes to pop into my head.  Hopefully, this will work to motivate at least that end of my creativity.  I have a pretty good set of friends and a great family to rely on.  Did I happen to mention that my cousin in law gave me a brand new pair of Christian Louboutin's?  Yea, I'm kinda giddy over the fact that after my recovery I'm going to rock them!  Somewhere, anywhere!  I love it!

I guess just writing this post has put me in better spirits.  It makes me realize all the things I have to be thankful for.

More to come...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Wishing I Was BACK to Normal...

I've had knee problems my whole life.  I've had pain before.  But let me tell you, back pain, like I've been experiencing for the past 2-3 weeks has been absolutely unbearable!  It put me in the ER.  It has kept me from the gym.  It's pretty much a deal breaker on all the things I enjoy in life.

Is this how Karma treats me for going on a tropical vacation in the middle of March?

I was in pain during vacation, but vacation has a way of telling your body it's OK when it really isn't.  It's kinda strange when you're laying out in the sun or the middle of the ocean and you just can't get comfortable because of unbearable sciatica pain.  I've had the back issue for about two months and I learned to deal with it, but then the shooting pain started and it just likes to rear its ugly little head at the most inopportune moments.  For all the people that deal with back pain and work on your feet on top of it, kuddos to you because my body is screaming at me to relieve it.  I'm hoping there's some solution in my near future because I can't take pain meds anymore.  I feel like I'm tricking myself into thinking I'm healed when I'm really just masking it.  I think my body deserves better than that.

It's amazing how I could go from loving my lazy days around the house to absolutely hating having to not go to the gym.  Along with physical therapy I'm stretching and getting a little bit of low impact, tolerable, cardio in, but I'm going stir crazy.  I miss the gym.  I think it misses me too.

I'm determined to feel better.  I'm listening to my body.  I'm icing.  I'm heating.  I'm taking baths and hot showers.  All the things I'm told.  I'm a good patient.  But I'm so damn impatient!

I'm hoping for a fabulous weekend of people watching at church and enjoying the company of family.  I can't wait to see all the kids in their Easter outfits!  I wonder what I'm going to wear!  But if you, like me, find yourself in church this weekend and you have a moment to say a little prayer, please keep me in mind with my back.  I'm really trying not to be selfish and there are so many other things and people who deserve your prayers more than I do, but if you find yourself thinking of me, I'd be humbled and so grateful!

Enjoy spring break!  Enjoy the blessings God has brought to you!

Monday, March 26, 2012


So, we're back from our tropical getaway, but both are feeling a little bit under the weather.  I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon.  Isn't that how it always happens?  You go on vacation and then end up needing a vacation from vacation.  I'm really hoping that while we're on the mend we hit the mega millions jackpot.  A dollar and a dream right?  One could only dream that vacation could just be what daily life is like.  Sigh.  While I'm sleeping, with the help of some NyQuil, I'll be thinking of beaches and drinks with umbrellas...


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