Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back from Nashville...

Even with my back surgery, I managed to make my way down to Nashville for our annual trip to the CMA Music Festival.  It's a trip that I honestly can't see not taking every year.  It's amazing.  If you're a country music fan, it's a must do, at least once in your lifetime.  It's like music overload, but in the best way possible.  It was a little rough on me this year.  Fortunately, we stayed in downtown Nashville, but we really didn't foresee the one problem that would arise: our hotel was up a major hill.  Not too fun for someone who just had back surgery and hasn't had any exercise since March.  It was rough.  I haven't taken old lady naps in my life other than when I've been sick, but around 3 p.m. everyday I needed a three hour nap to help ease me into the nighttime concerts that started around seven.  I've never loved a hotel bed more in my life.

My hubby managed to get us tickets to the CMT Music awards and we also saw a great intimate concert with Vince Gill, Jake Owen, and other song writers from Nashville at the Ryman.  I love Nashville.  I love the waterfront and thankfully we got to take full advantage of it this year.  I love the vibe of the streets.  I love hearing amazing singers in every bar.  But it also scares me; I keep thinking to myself, how could I make it here?!  I'd love to take the chance one day to write songs in Nashville, but there are so many talented people around.  I think this trip taught me that if I ever want to really try my hand at it, I really have to step up my game.

One day, hopefully I can perform on the songwriters showcase next to Vince Gill.  How amazing would that be?  Every one has their dreams right?  Again, I really need to step up my game.  But until then, I'll keep enjoying my favorite city every year.  I never want to leave.  Hopefully, one day I won't have to.

There were moments that I just won't forget.  But my favorite had to be watching Eric Church perform at LP field.  He was absolutely amazing.  If you weren't an fan of his before his part of the concert, you were made a fan by the end.  It's nice to see an artist still get choked up by the audience.  I'll never forget watching him and watching the audience reaction during his "Springsteen" song.  That feeling has to be absolutely amazing; sixty-five thousand people singing your song back to you.  Amazing.  Chills.

Now, my Nashville Picture Overload.


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