Monday, March 12, 2012

How I Spend My Saturdays...

One of my goals for this year was to start focusing on things that I've been putting off.  Usually, I sleep in on my Saturdays and spend it like this...

Last year I wanted to really get my butt in gear with working out, and I did.  It feels great.

This year, one of my goals was to start swimming again.  I've been missing it.  I use to love swimming. Throughout college it was my choice workout.  I wanted that again.  So, for the past three Saturdays I've been getting up and going swimming.

I was actually nervous about stepping into the pool again.  I didn't want to look like a fool, although, to most, I do because of the swim attire... 

But I didn't want it to feel awkward.  I didn't want to feel like I haven't swam in two years.  Two years! I debated on doing it for the entire half hour drive to the pool.  I sat in the car trying to convince myself to just go back home.  But I got my butt out of the car and into the locker room.  I needed to do this.  I needed to swim.

The first time felt great.  It was amazing to feel my body in sync again.  It feels so natural to be in the water.  I feel weightless.  I feel graceful.  I feel as close to perfect as I could possibly ever get.

The first two weeks I didn't do my turns.  I was scared I couldn't still do them.  It was like the first time I was taught.  I've always loved swimming, but I didn't learn how to do all the bells and whistles until I was 21, I still don't know it all.  I was scared I was going to hit the wall.  I was scared I was going to knock myself out.  I was scared of that feeling you get in your head when water gets in your ears.

My third swim this past Saturday I had my earplugs of choice in and got in the pool.  I didn't think about it beforehand.  I didn't plan on trying my turns.  But my first lap down, I decided half way that I was going to try it. Who cares if I looked like a fool!  So, I went for it.  And it was perfect.  It was like I never stopped swimming.

I wanted to cry.  It felt amazing.  I felt so accomplished.  I felt like I could still call myself a swimmer.  I felt my body in motion.

I swam for an hour.  It felt like ten minutes.

I'm a swimmer.

No, I will never be amazing.  I'll never have the perfect stroke.  I'll never be the fastest person in the pool or the most graceful.  But I always feel like I am.

Goggle Eyes!

I like this setting goals for myself thing.  I think it could actually work.  I think I could learn to love being a person that keeps their word when it comes to settings goals and raising the bar.

Hopefully, I'll tackle more items on my list...

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