Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Hate Saturdays...

I know I rave about Mondays and how much I love them; even Thursdays get my vote every now and then.  But have I mentioned how much I despise Saturdays?  

It hasn't always been this way.  I use to like them just about as much as any other day.  Then all of a sudden my hubby had this idea of doing a double on Saturdays for work.  It kinda put a damper on that whole Saturday thing and my Tuesday thing.  The thing is now he leaves work on Friday night a little after eleven and then has to be back up for work at 4 a.m.—the problem with that?  I get home from work about 2:30 a.m. and he wakes up at the sound of the toilet paper roll.  
Him and his damn Spidey Senses.  

So he does a double on Saturday so he can have off on Tuesdays; it turns his week into a four day work week and he loves every minute of it.  Well, Tuesdays use to be my Me Time day; which sadly meant that I basically would clean the house and get my errands done, but now it's a day together (this is good!), but now when I come home on Friday night from work, I have to sleep on the couch until he wakes up because I can't disturb my sleeping prince.  The puppy also has to stay at Grama's because Daddy needs his four hours of sleep (understandable).  

Last night I came home from work and he had the blanket all laid out on the couch for me with my pillow and his shirt to sleep in.  How cute is he?  I'm pretty sure it took me about 5 minutes to pass out.

As per our new normal, he woke me up around 5 a.m. to tuck me in upstairs before he left for work.  I got my forehead kiss. 

Now, I know what you're thinking, I have a whole Saturday to myself to get chores done and run errands right?  Nah, I'm tired from working late and it snowed outside!  I don't wanna shovelllll!!!!

This has shitty Saturday written all over it!  I'm totally going to veg out in the house and possibly get some stuff done around here.  Other than that, I'm hoping to stay in all day until work tonight.  But I have to say, without the hubby and without the pup, the house does get a little lonely.  I'm also pretty sure that I'm silly for making fun of all those people who grocery shop right before storms—if I grocery shopped on a regular basis this wouldn't be a problem, but I'm not exactly sure what I plan on eating today.  I think it's going to include lots of Shop Rite brand iced tea mix because there's not much else.  How long can one live off of pure sugar?  Any theories? Just wondering.  
Stupid Saturday.

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