Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don't You Just Love a Date Night...

I am convinced that everyone should have a date night.  Whether you're single or spoken for, a date night keeps you sane.  Just a night to get away from the house chores and to get away from your work life.  

One great thing about the Christmas season is that a lot of people give gift cards.  Thankfully, my step dad picked our perfect dinner spot— Nina.  

From the atmosphere to the food and the service, this place definitely has it all.  I love having any excuse to get dressed up and have my every once in awhile drink... this time it was a Grape Ape Martini (yes please!)—grape vodka, grape pucker, chambord, and sour mix—Fabulous!

Nina never disappoints.  The meal was fabulous and I'm pretty sure we'll both have leftovers for the next week.  Yum!  We decided we weren't going to get our typical selections, so we started with the Risotto Tort with a basil pesto and then the hubby had a Cajun Chicken Penne (he tried really hard to not act like it was too spicy) and I had a Fettuccine in a Rosemary Sauce.  Fabulous.  But we couldn't resist and bought the Braised Chardonnay Short Ribs to take home—I'm pretty sure I've ruined my attempt at being a Vegetarian for the week.  So worth it.

There's always next week!


Lola said...

OMG - I have that dress as well! You look lovely.

Dana said...

Thanks! I just love Modcloth! I really haven't found one that I havent just loved!


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