Monday, January 16, 2012

Do You Ever Have Those Moments...

Those moments when you realize that you're no longer a kid?  I mean, I know I'm not a kid anymore, but I also don't feel like a grown-up all the time either.  Yes, I'm married, I've graduated from college, and I own a house that comes with a ton of bills, but I still haven't had one of those moments where I really feel like an adult adult.  

... Our fridge is poorly stocked at all times, I still sleep in till noon when I want to, and my bed time is pretty much an hour past whatever time I roll in from work.  My only real responsibilities are to myself, my hubby, and my puppy (as long as they're both taken care of, it's pretty much going to be a good day).  Then you have those moments where reality hits you and you are reminded that at this age your mother already had two kids, and that right now people are just waiting for you to tell them that you're going to have a child.  Does that mean that my clock is ticking?  Am I really that old?  

No, I'm not pregnant, but my best friend is and having her baby shower this weekend was such a surreal moment in my life.  We've been friends since first grade—it's just different!  I've have friends with children, but this is someone I've known for 21 years!  It's just crazy to think that we're that adult where children are a possibility and binkies and onsies are the new it thing, instead of a new dress from Modcloth.  

I can't wait to meet the little man— I'm pretty much totally head over heels in love with him already (even though he won't kick for me!)  I just can't wait for the reality of his birth to hit me—what would I do with one of those precious bundles?  Could I handle not going on vacation every year?  Or would Grama just have to take her grandpuppy and grandbaby for a week?  

Until we're ready and God is willing to let us have our own, I'm just going to enjoy every moment of my bestie's little bundle of joy.  I can't wait to meet you little man!

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