Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm the Oldest Young Person You Know...

That's what I've been told.  That I'm the oldest young person that most people know.  I'm not exactly sure if that's a compliment or if it just means that I act like a boring old lady.  I mean, I do.  Kinda.  I mean, I am.  Kinda.  But that's completely fine with me.  

I can tell you that at least once a week someone tells me that I should have been a twenty-something in the 1940's or the 1950's.  My mom is usually the one dishing that one out, but tons of my customers do too.  I could wear a dress everyday of my life and be completely fine with it.  Even in the dead of winter I'll make due with some tights and boots.  I think I've found a style that finally suits me.  It only took me until I was 26 to figure it out.  I mean what's wrong with fondness for old lady sweaters and vagabond knitted hats?  Anything with a touch of vintage charm is completely perfect for me.

Or is it my clip on earrings and old lady charm?  Maybe it's the earring of the month club.  I'm not exactly sure.  Maybe it's my librarian attitude?  Or the Modcloth shopping that includes my little dress shopping habit.  Or my new favorite site Ruche.

Maybe it's having the 40's on four on Sirius playing every time I'm in the car (sorry hubby, I can't help it!).  Ya gotta love some Glenn Miller Band.

All I know is that I take it as a compliment.  I think I'd make my Grama a proper companion back in the day.  Just sitting drinking tea and bullshitting with the girls and doing the least amount of housework possible (minus Grama's pesky cigarette habit that she had back then).

The other day when my hubby caught me getting out of the shower, he also saw me in my favorite little item I picked up about a month ago.

It possibly could cross the limit of the old lady charm.  Personally, I think my shower cap is stunning!  At least as stunning as a shower cap can possibly be.  I mean he might have asked me if I was eighty, but I don't think many eighty-year olds can rock a shower cap quite like I do. 

Now, if I start wearing rain caps on outside, then I might have a problem.  Is there an I Love Lucy or Golden Girls episode I could reference for help with this problem?  If there is, maybe I should re-watch it for the 100th time.  Then again, maybe those shows are what caused my problem.  Damn TV.  You always get the best of me!

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