Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is There Such a Thing...

I'm an old TV show addict.  Nothing compares to older shows and the little snippets of wisdom that they always include.

I remember an episode of "All in the Family" where Mike ("meathead" as he is so fondly remembered) and Gloria were trying to teach Edith how to "fair fight."  This is their method of setting aside a time to fight with each other and vent out their frustrations.  

Do you think there really could be such a thing?  Do people do this? Sometimes it's hard to compromise when you're in a relationship.  How do you know when a fight is worth it?  How do you know when you should back down or when you should have it out?  I've learned that there should always be a little give and take, but I'm far from a professional.

I love this episode... "gunnysacking" Oh, Gloria and Mike, they always thought they knew it all.

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