Monday, January 16, 2012

I Pretty Much Love Mondays...

I have to say, even though most people hate Mondays, I'm pretty much in love with them.  I'm sure everyone else is in love with this Monday too since most people are off from work. 

Monday means that my work week is over and that for the first time in a few days I can actually see my real family more than I see my work family.  I love the crew that I have at work, they're great people, and my customers are great too, but sometimes it's just time to have a break and spend some time doing the things you really love to do in life.  

Today I spent about two hours at the gym (we've booked our Aruba trip for March so I need to get these abs to make their first appearance ever!), had my guitar lesson (which went swimmingly), shopped at Ulta for some new makeup and found my BED HEAD shampoo on sale for $12.99, spent some time with my parents, and then watched the Betty White special while snuggled into my warm blankets.  It was a pretty fabulous day.
I need to buy this dishtowel, it pretty much sums up those days spent in the house, and it takes me back to a few weeks ago when we went with some friends down to NYC to see Mary Poppins on Broadway.  

It was a really cute show and the hubby was even impressed by the second half of the show with the "Step in Time" number, even though he's never seen the movie (how crazy is that!).  Of course, it was raining (when we go to Manhattan it ALWAYS rains!) so we spent a few hours at Madame Tussauds to escape the downpour.

He pretty much indulges my dorky side and I'm thankful for that.  

Later that week one of my customers started calling me Mary Poppins, I was pretty confused and asked why—his answer, "Well, you're practically perfect in every way."  I'm pretty sure I blushed and he gets the award for the best line ever!  So, ever since then I've been pretty much living it up and every time he calls me Mary at work, I ask him why so everyone can hear, "You're practically perfect in every way!"  Just like Mary Poppins, I'm so humble too! 

So, just like Mary Poppins, this day, was practically perfect in every way.  I was getting there eventually, tying it all together, I tried, did it work?  Ah, who cares.

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