Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Uh Oh...

I found a new dress site I love.  Ruche.  Just like Modcloth, it's kind of addicting.  Even worse, they have the cutest accessories too.  And as an old lady, I love having accessories.  Too much is never enough, right?  Hmmm.  It's pretty hard to stop "window shopping" during my downtime.  I was good though; I only bought one dress... but way too many other things.  A girl has got to look cute.

What?  It's not like I went crazy or anything?

I wanted these too, but they're out of my sizes.  

Oh, well.  I made sure I signed up to be notified if they're restocked.  This is the one damn problem with feeling good, I just can't stop shopping!  

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Kim said...

I love Ruche! I wish I could have EVERYTHING in stock. haha

found the route

Dana said...

Amen to that Kim! It's addicting going through the lookbooks on the site!


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