Friday, January 6, 2012

Adventures in Straightening...

I've got a lot of hair.  Like a ton.  It's really long and really thick.  When I was a kid I always tried to straighten it.  I was always so upset that I had curly hair.  I always tried to get the little kinky out of it that the old straighteners always left and I always tried to get it from frizzing out like crazy.  One of my friends at work was talking about straightening her hair and I thought to myself, "What the hey, I'll give it a try again."  The young me just jumped up and down thinking of how cool it would be to have straight hair!  So, I asked to borrow a friend's straightener and I was off on my adventure.

Oh my Lord!  It took me two hours people.  Two hours.  I was so worried I was going to burn her straightener out! I burned my fingers on my hair!  Not on the straightener people, but the hair itself!  My poor thumb lost a ton of skin!  It's still kinda numb.  I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with my curly hair—So not worth it!

Whatcha think?  Do you torture yourself with these beauty regimes?  I'm pretty sure it so wasn't worth the two hours of my time!

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Learning As I Go Along said...

I think it looks good but I like your curly hair. Plus two hours is an INSANE amount of time. I straighten my hair because I like how smooth it feels even though mine is straight to begin with, lol. It takes me a whole 2 minutes, haha.

You look lovely no matter which way your hair is <3


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