Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Morning Wake-up Call...

Every morning, my little Luna likes to wake me up by giving me kisses.  Not her father, me.  She sleeps between our heads and lately, under the covers too.  I have to say that I love her little kisses so much, but as the weather gets colder and colder, I try to quietly push her to the other side of the bed so she'll give her dad wake-up kisses instead.

Sometimes her wake-up kisses start at 8 a.m. but mostly around 10:30.  It's the worst because I really only have a little bit more time to sleep, but she's decided that it's time to wake-up—now.  I'm so warm and then suddenly I have to pee too.  She's now decided my bathroom time.  Sometimes I think that I can hold it, so of course she can hold it too.  Then I lay there and decide that I can't do it anymore- so mommy goes first, then I trek downstairs to take her outside.  She likes to take her time.  She stretches.  She sniffs.  She attacks the leaves that have fallen on the porch and then gives them to me like they're presents.  She really is the best, but I just can't wait to crawl back into bed.

Then there are those moments where she gives me the, "please mommy, please" look: she wants to climb downstairs and use the grass instead of her porch placed wee-wee pad.  Sometimes I give in because she's just too damn cute.  Other times, I just keep saying, "no baby, not now, mommy's cold."  A lot of the time I just can't help it and I let her do what she wants; it's just that damn look she gives.  I wonder how I'd be with a real baby when she gives me that same look and not just my furbaby.  I'd probably be just as bad of a sucker.  I take comfort in the fact that my hubby is the same.

I love watching her go down the stairs.  Butt in the air, legs fling up with every step she takes.  Then she gets to the ground with the leaves surrounding her.  Her first encounter with leaves was quite amusing.  She was walking like it was any normal day in the grass; her favorite spot.  Then she felt a crunch and heard the rustling noise.  Suddenly, she hopped back.  Smelled the leaves.  Smelled the grass.  Jumped for cover.  Then she would take another step, and the same thing just kept on happening.  "Crunch" then lots of hopping,  running, and spinning.  It never fails to make me laugh.  She still doesn't get the leaves. It makes me laugh with every step she takes.  Even when I take her for a walk on her leash around the neighborhood, she never walks in a straight line, she zig zags through all the leaves on the ground.  

It will be interesting to see if anything is better than the little licks and kisses that my Luna gives me every morning.  Maybe it's just like the feeling that a real mother feels when she gets love from her children?  The little noises she makes, the little sighs of contentment, the feeling of her laying in a little ball on my lap, makes it all worth it. 

 Sometimes I don't want to be woken up.  Sometimes I just want to stay and bed and have her leave me alone.  Sometimes I quietly ask her for just five more minutes or one more hour of sleep.  Then I remember that I wouldn't know what I would do without her.  I remember how lonely I was when the hubby was at work and I was home alone.  Like any mother, I count my blessings for the joy she's brought to my life.  Still sometimes, I want her to go to daddy when it's time to go out.  The scary part is, winter is just around the corner— I know I'm going to hate every minute of the cold mornings, but I just can't wait to see her play in the snow.  

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