Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I WILL NOT Spend Money...

I came to the conclusion today that I spend a good amount of money on things for the home. Not in excess and not on silly things, but in general, it may just be unnecessary.

A few months ago I decided that I would no longer buy cleaning products, make-up, or toiletries unless I was out of something. This has been working out pretty nicely and my cabinets are finally starting to empty out. I just would always like to try the new make-up or the new skin moisturizer or facial cleanser. Even though I've stopped buying new stuff, I can't say the same for the hubby. He always like to have two or three of something. I'm pretty sure we have enough floor cleaner to last the next twelve months. I also think that my weekly runs to the store for Zicam is a little unnecessary, unless of course we are actually close to running out. The hubby likes to have a full bottle as the backup.

I want to start taking pride in the things we already have instead of needing to buy new all the time. Maybe a coat of paint on something or a little change in fabric will do, instead of a whole new purchase.

Maybe I'm saying this now because I know I just spent money on an armoire for our downstairs entryway. But I just couldn't stand to look at the shoes strung all over the place for another month! I hate walking in the door and seeing the mess of every pair of shoes that the hubby and I have worn. I've tried a shoe rack; that didn't work.

I've tried a wicker box to no avail:

So I'm now convinced that this will be the solution to our shoe problem:


I'm really really really trying so hard not to make a trip to HomeGoods and make a new lamp purchase. Why is it so hard for me to pass up a new lamp? Why can't my hubby like a lampshade that I bring home? Why does there always seem to be something I can buy when I enter that store?! Thankfully, I've been bringing my mom lately so she acts as my purchase buffer; that way I won't walk out with a purchase I'll regret later.

So I'm vowing to not buy anything that I don't need from this moment on. More money into savings; that's a good thing right? I think I'll have to do a little furniture arranging and a little cleaning in order for me to get my decorating fix. I can't wait for my brother to get here so I can get my photos hung going up the staircase. He's always had a knack for those things; just like riding a bike.

My new mantra: "I will not spend money, I will not go to HomeGoods..."


Trish said...

I buy a lot of unnecessary things too. However, I think your shoe armoire purchase is a good one. I currently have shoes in a tub (because those wire racks do NOT work)..... I hate looking at them! I know that when we have a house, I will be more tempted to buy stuff..

Dana said...

I just can't help myself! I keep wanting to buy new things all the time! But I'm keeping myself out of the stores! just wait till the house comes- then you're in real trouble too! lol

Jin said...

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