Thursday, October 7, 2010

"The Noticer"...

I'm so in love with the book, "The Noticer" by Andy Andrews! It is absolutely amazing and inspiring. If someone can come from nothing and become someone who touches millions of people's lives, then why can't anybody?

My best bud passed this book on to me for my birthday this past year and I couldn't be more thankful. I hope that I can follow through with the inspiration it has given me.

So here I am passing it on to you. It's an amazing read. After experiencing this book, I can't help but recognize God in a lot of little things:

"Have you ever heard the saying ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’?… I’m here to tell you that you’d better. See, the small stuff is what makes up the larger picture of our lives.”

The description by The Noticer, Jones, of people and relationships is absolutely eye-opening. He puts people into four categories based on how they love: A canary, a goldfish, a puppy, and a kitty cat.

Here's an excerpt from that Andrews gave to Karen Granger:

“For example,” Andrews says, “Jones would say my wife is a ‘canary’ – someone who is sensitive to quality time. A canary enjoys sitting on the couch and hopes that someone would just sit and listen to them sing.”

“I’m more of a ‘puppy dog,’” he explains. “Say something nice to me when you walk by like ‘Who’s a good boy?’”

According to Andrews, ‘canaries’ don’t care what you say and ‘puppy dogs’ don’t care about quality time.

“I have to learn canary dialect and my wife has to learn puppy dog dialect,” he says.

Andrews says he majors in puppy dog and minors in kitty cat – the personality type that needs physical touch.

“Then there’s the gold fish,” he continues. “They like little acts of service. All they want from you is to straighten their castle and clean their water.”-

I realized my hubby is a goldfish and a puppy dog, while I'm a canary combined with a kitty. By understanding how we love, we can understand why we can't understand each other at some points in our relationship. He can understand why I always want to cuddle and I can understand why he likes it when I make him dinner so he doesn't have to order take-out.

If you love someone or need a different perspective on life, pick this book up. It's a MUST read!

Up next is "The Traveler's Gift" by Andy Andrews. Hopefully this positive thinking will start a positive outlook on life. I think I'm getting out of my rut?

“Whatever you focus upon, increases… When you focus on things you need, you’ll find those needs increasing. If you concentrate your thoughts on what you don’t have, you will so be concentrating on other things that you had forgotten you don’t have–and feel worse! If you set your mind on loss, you are more likely to lose… But a grateful perspective brings happiness and abundance into a person’s life.”

I think this book is moving me in the right direction. Read it, love it, and pass it on people!

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