Tuesday, October 12, 2010

To Bike or Not to Bike...

That is the question.

Lately, I've been thinking about buying a bike more and more. Is that weird? I'm 26 years old and I live in an area that's not really too keen on biking. Everyone drives here. I mean everyone drives everywhere.

If you have to make a trip to the bank and it's only two minutes from your house. You drive. If you have to go to the post office and it's a four minute walk, you drive.

I guess it's the country mentality. Maybe it's our location. But no one uses the God-given mode of transportation; our legs; walking. Some of us might walk or bike for exercise, but for daily activities? Never.

Why is that? When did this happen?

Maybe it happened when all the grocery stores in the area disappeared. Maybe it's because we have to go to Pennsylvania or New Jersey for something as simple as gas, clothing, milk, or practically any other essential thing that a human being may need to survive. And there's pretty much no way to walk or bike to these stores without risking your life in the traffic flow.

What's wrong with this picture? I wish it was a simpler time when our small "city" actually offered goods to people. And answer me this: How exactly can a place be called a "city" officially when it doesn't even have a grocery store for its citizens? Crazy. Just sad.

Should our title of "city" be dropped back down to "town" status? Is there a way of doing that? I mean I know we had enough people back in the day to be officially called a city, but come on people, are we seriously still a city? No grocery store, no movie theatre... what a fabulous city.

Any business that comes to this place ultimately fails. It is, again, sad. People would rather drive to the mall or go to a Ruby Tuesdays then have a real home-cooked meal, or a meal that's prepared on the spot by a local mom and pop restaurant. Don't people realize that the chains prepare the food and then freeze it and package it for the restaurants? Ugh. There are local places to eat people! Support them!

If we're a little small town, with lots and lots of antique stores and the small town appeal that everyone knows your name and they'll be there to support you when a tragedy happens to you or your family, then why don't we embrace this small town feel?

Why not bike? Why not walk? Why not keep the cafes and restaurants in business?

Wouldn't that be an amazing small town? Couldn't we get there again? I think we can. I actually love this town, I just would love to see it flourish like it did in the days that my mom and my grandparents spoke of.

I think I'm off my soapbox now? Maybe.

So how did I start off on this? Oh yea, should I buy a bike? How silly would I look biking to places in a "city" that doesn't seem to use any mode of transportation besides a car/truck/suv?

Do other people feel like me and want to walk or bike to places but just feel weird about it? Am I the only one? I can't be. Right?

And if I do buy a bike, do I bike to work? I mean it is pretty close, but there is the whole coming home a 2 a.m. thing... not to safe, eh? Hmm, more to think about.

Then there's Luna, I mean, would I be one of those people, that I mocked nearly a week ago?

Then there's the matter of this little thing... I haven't ridden a bike since I was about 14 years old. It was great then. My friends and I used to bike everywhere. So the question is, is it true that once you learn to ride a bike you never forget? Because wouldn't that just be silly if I fell flat on my face after all this ranting?

Anyone with me? To bike or not to bike, that is the question...

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