Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is it OK to Think of Your Puppy as Your Baby?...

I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't know what to do without my pup. It's crazy how quickly a furry little thing can become such a huge part of your life. I never thought that I would be this crazy in love with a little dog. But I am. I'm pretty sure that my hubby knew that this would happen. I'm pretty sure he knew that the only way for me to not miss him so much while he's away at work was by giving me a little furbaby distraction. It puts off the real baby too. Man, he's good.

I can't stand to leave her at home in her crate by herself. Before anyone feels bad for us crating her, we have to. She's four pounds. She would chew on wires or get stuck somewhere. I can't risk her getting hurt. So, just understand, the crating is necessary. I just try to avoid it as much as possible. It's nice having a little furbaby because I can take her everywhere; she's easy to hide. I just can't believe that I'm one of those people. You know those people that we make fun of? The people who carry their dogs in their bags? Yup, that is now me. I'm the dog carrying lady. When I was a kid we would think this one little old lady was crazy for pushing her little dog around in a baby carriage. Now, they sell these in stores! She was ahead of her times. I'm really not that bad, consider these other options:


Now that I think about it, carrying her in a bag so I can take her to the store, isn't that bad.

Unfortunately, she wasn't too keen on being in her bag at HomeGoods yesterday, and decided to tear a hole in the mesh surrounding her bag. So now she's grounded. Well, until I can find a new bag. There's a toss up between these two:

My hubby thinks I'm a little crazy. But then again, he's the guy who tries to convince me to take her to work with me on his days off so he doesn't have to "babysit." When I ask him what he would do if we had a real baby when I go to work, he answers, "well a real baby only needs to eat, sleep, and be changed, after that they go in their crib right?" Oh, he has no idea. It's kind of cute. Right? I mean, seriously, how could you not want to love this pup all day long?

No wonder I want to take her everywhere.


Trish said...

lol- furbaby... I like that. I'd consider my cats my furbabies.... I would even consider buying one of those strollers you posted to go for a walk with the cats, haha....

I like the brown bag. Very stylish :-)

Dana said...

i bought the brown one :) i liked it too bc of the style... i like furbaby, she's definitely my baby, who cares if she's just a tad furrier than me ;)


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