Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sick Again...

I'm sick again. I'm so tired of being sick. This is the second time in two weeks and I have so much school work to do and catch up on. So many interviews to do and I can't keep my eyes open or keep a tissue off of my nose. It's Christmas in October because I definitely look like Rudolf. I have a doctor's appointment for NEXT Thursday. The first time I've been to the doctor in almost three years. Hopefully she can let me know why my immune system sucks so bad because I seem to always be getting sick and I'm the healthiest person I know. I take vitamins, I eat right... granted I never get consistent sleep, but sometimes I get eight hours. Oh well, I've got to head to the bank and then up to New Paltz for class. Yesterday I finally bought some new shirts to fit me from Target and a new comforter for the bed (one that covers both sides of the bed, yea for oversized king comforters!). Now hopefully I don't look like too much of a slob because my clothes don't fit. Then I made dinner for the hubby that he's going to love: thin sliced chicken rolled up and stuffed with laughing cow french onion cheese and parm cheese. He's going to love it.

So, one class and one paper to write for class tomorrow morning, then I'm hitting my bottle of Nyquil because I need to get some sleep and feel better tomorrow morning. Six a.m. comes way too quick. And I've got way too much work ahead of me. I hate not being able to work out right now too because of being sick. But Friday I made an eye doctor appointment too, to figure out why my contacts are killing my one eye. I've been wearing my glasses for over three weeks now and it's getting really old...

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