Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Procrastination is a Bitch!

I just realized that I'm again falling behind on school work and hoping to win the lottery is just not going to cut it. I had every intention to wake up early today and actually get some things accomplished, but after having breakfast and turning on the Golden Girls, I found myself drifting back to sleep. Then after my husband woke up, I finally got my ass in gear. Rushing as always.

12:30- I leave the house with books in tow, a 32 ounce bottle of water, my husband's dry cleaning that he needs for Thursday, my half-charged cell, and unfortunately without any green tea. I was a hot mess, dropping stuff while heading downstairs to my car. Stop at a local orchard really quick because I need fresh almond butter, peanut butter, apples, concord grape spread, and apple cider. Luckily my bill was $38 because I had exactly $40 in my pocket.

1:40- I arrive at New Paltz and thankfully pulled right into a parking spot because I was running late and had to go to the bathroom (my 32 oz water was finished on my car ride up).

1:45-4:40- My investigative reporting class. Which I'm realizing I'm falling a little bit behind on, so I'm getting scared. Again, procrastination is a bitch.

5- Drive very quickly out of New Paltz to Middletown in order to drop of my husband's dry cleaning so it can be ready for him to pick up for work on thursday. For some reason he decided it would be great to wait to the last minute... hmmm, I think we're perfect for each other, eh?

6ish- I'm home and have just enough time to change my clothes for work and fill my 32 ounce water bottle back up. I head off to work for a shift that is supposed to start at 4 p.m. but because of school and my very understanding co-workers/friends and boss I'm given lots of leeway on the time.

6:30-1 a.m.- I work and painfully think of the fact that I have school work to do before doing it all over again and waking up at 6 a.m. As one of my customers annoyingly reminded me, my not sleeping thing is, "very dangerous and not good for your health." Really? Thanks, I thought only sleeping an hour or two was completely healthy. Thanks for the input.

1 a.m.-4:45 a.m- I work and research.

4:45 a.m.- Finally I sleep. I e-mailed my professor the homework.

I'm becoming a walking zombie at this point, but I know that it will all be worth it in the end, when I get "there." I just can't wait for those golden moments of eight hours of sleep. I remember them from the summer. I can almost taste them. I still need to get my exercise in because I'm realizing that it keeps me sane. But on days like this one was, it will only be a 20 minute pilates dvd, no Jen Murphy. After class again today, I've got work again tonight. Thankfully, my boss and friends are letting me sleep and I'll be in at 6 p.m. Thank God for friends! Now it's time for bed so I'm not "dangerous" to myself and others.

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