Thursday, October 15, 2009

Remember That Procrastination Thingy...

Yea, well my procrastination has finally kicked me in the ass. I apparently had two papers due today for my feature writing class and I only did one. Yes, it was on the syllabus, but we deviate from the syllabus so much that I honestly didn't think anything else was due except for the paper we talked about last week in class. Oh well, I'm allowed to slack a little right? I can't do everything on time. I'm the laziest busy person I know. I want to be lazy so bad, but I just can't find the time to do it! Although I did find the time to sleep in today after leaving work at 1 a.m.- sometimes sleep really is the best medicine (well, that and cuddle time with the hubby)

11:30 a.m.- Woke up to my husband taking a shower and getting ready to leave for work early. He had to pick up the dry cleaning that I dropped off the other day. Today was his first day of his winter uniforms (perfect timing by the way, today was also our first day of snow!)
I, of course, had my favorite breakfast in the world, two apples (yes, I'm addicted, but it could be worse) with fresh almond butter. Peanut butter just doesn't cut it anymore, and Soon's Orchard makes the best- just almonds, no oils, no salt, no sugar- just all good stuff.

12:30-1:30- Picked up around the house and made the bed (a little obsession I have before I leave for the day- as long as the hubby isn't still sleeping). I had to print out the paper that I had done for my class too- then I checked my school e-mail and noticed that she mentioned the assignment that I didn't do. By that point it was just too late to even think about it.

1:30-2:55- Drive up to New Paltz listening to my new favorite artists- David Nail and Joshua Bell- two artists that I don't think could be more different, but nonetheless I love them both. David Nail I heard from awhile back but I just newly discovered his album. Jonathan Bell is discovered from an article in The Washington Post and I had to listen to him. Amazing.

3:05-4:30ish- Feature Writing class where we watched a PBS video on the change of media. A little dated even though it's from 2007. Now I have to write a paper on the video for Monday's class. She let us out early again. I'm not complaining or anything, but driving up there in the snow sucks, especially when the class isn't as long as it's supposed to be. I think I'm the only college student to complain about leaving class early.

4:30-6:50- I talked to my mom on the drive home. I love her so much and I miss her even though she's only 10 minutes away. When I'm in school I just have no time and it sucks. I try to have as many moments with her as possible- she better know how much I cherish them. She was telling me how to make a chicken pot pie for the hubby. I found a recipe that was just so detailed and I didn't have time for it. Thank God for mom and quick recipe fixes. You gotta love how working moms always know how to make good food quick. Made it to Shop Rite and the liquor store (I was out of my favorite wine, I always like to have it in my fridge just incase I'm in the mood). Grocery shopped- my favorite thing, as long as I'm not hungry, otherwise I go crazy.

7:00-10- My best bud came over to go to her first Jen Murphy class. I was really afraid that she wouldn't come, but I so badly want her to get motivated so I was glad that she showed up. As always Jen kicked ass and my friend Trish will definitely be feeling it tomorrow. But she will love Jen and I are her wedding day! After the hour class we sat around the kitchen table talking about the upcoming wedding and looking at pictures of what my dress will look like. It's cute, so I'm actually not dreading it! I can't wait to see her in her dress! We're getting so old! Married women, who would have thought it.

After cooking my hubby's pot pie and cleaning up the kitchen, I'm now relaxing with the him (he got out of work late, so he didn't go to the gym) oh, I'm so upset about it too haha. Now I've got to get moving on sending out some e-mails in order to get an internship. I'm hoping to stay local. Here's hoping that I get the chance. Maybe I should try to play catch up on my school work too. I have to send out some e-mails to teachers too for my interviews for my investigative reporting class. So much to do. So little time. Oh well, I guess I'll go cuddle instead. I need some hubby time. He's what keeps me sane.

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