Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Such a Perfect Day...

Today was just the best day to be off and the best day to run errands.  Why can't I have off days like this in the summer?  We live in the fabulous state of New York, but usually around this time of the year we're digging ourselves out of tons of snow; which if you know me at all, I despise!  This year has been absolutely fabulous.  Other than two snow storms, pretty early in the season, we really haven't been hit hard.  This makes for a very happy Dana.  Now, please don't blame me if we get hit now, I just looked at the weekly forecast and it's still fabulous, so I really can't be blamed for jinxing it yet!

So today, as the weather creeped into the high 50's, I brought back what I like to call Dress Day.  

Granted, I still wear dresses in the winter, now that I've found leggings and tights to be tolerable— but this is Dress Day weather!  I wasn't even cold.  I didn't even need my hat.  I hope it continues like this all the way up to the day Spring is official.  And I love my new Ruche sweater and necklace (call it my friendly reminder to practice like a good girl, especially since I've been enjoying it!).  And I'm pretty stoked over the fact that those boots I wanted are back in stock and are now on their way to my front door.  

One of my friends told me today that I could quite possibly be considered a shopaholic— I totally disagree!  I don't shop often, just a little more than usually lately, and my lack of cooking makes up for it right?  I mean, rarely having a grocery bill does help with buying my dresses.  Score one for my side.

I'll try to tame down my spending, but I just love when Dress Day weather hits.  Hopefully, the Groundhog cooperates.

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