Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Just Feel the Love...

I'm just a sentimental fool I tell ya.  I'm really loving this Valentine's Day thing.  Today couldn't have been a better day.  As I was getting ready to hit the gym the doorbell rang (thinking it was the UPS guy just dropping off a package, I didn't answer it) then a second ring, made me go downstairs and answer.  The hubby was too cute.  He knows I don't need flowers, so this year he bought me an edible arrangement.  How perfect.  Chocolates just won't do with Aruba right around the corner.  In fact, I think he knows to never buy me chocolates because they wouldn't last longer than the five minutes it would take to pick them out!  I just can't stop when it comes to chocolate!

With a huge smile on my face, I had a great workout.  I was complimented at the gym by the 70 year old man that loves me there.  He told me how fabulous I looked by saying he thought Miss America entered the room as I stepped up to the elliptical.  I mean how can your day go wrong when it starts off like that?  Edible arrangement and I'm Miss America?  Ok, I mean, it's a stretch but it was a pretty good line for a 70 year old.  

My hubby likes to eat early.  So, of course he made a reservation at Peter's for 5 p.m.  I made fun of him for at least a week by saying, "So, we're going in for the early bird special huh?"  —his comeback, "It's Valentine's Day, there won't be an early bird special."  But we do like to eat with the 70 year olds. It's weird because we don't have the 8 p.m. bedtime though.

Is this a running theme in my life?  Gosh, I am old.

It was nice to see one of my friends there too; on top of running in to at least five people that come in to my restaurant.  The hubby kept asking, "who's that, who's that", every time someone said hello.  He was a little disappointed because we both ended up deciding on the same meal.  He loves to pick off of my plate and get a little variety.  But we both couldn't get enough of the food.  I think going to Peter's is our Valentine's Day tradition.  I like having traditions.  I didn't even eat that much, but I'm pretty sure, two hours after dinner, that I'm still in a food coma.  

We didn't go crazy on gifts this year.  I made the hubby a photo calendar and he bought me the edible arrangement and a shirt I've been wanting for months, but it's been sold out.  He bought it from a Victoria's Secret in Indy.  He's crazy. 

I just loved being able to see the one I love on Valentine's Day.  It pretty much makes every day a better day.  

How did you spend your Valentine's Day?  I hope it was fabulous and you got to say, "I love you" and hear I love you.  I hope it gave you chills.  Doesn't it just feel so amazing when you know the person feels it to the core just like you?  Love is definitely in the air.

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