Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One of THOSE Days...

I have been so incredibly moody today.  Moody enough to change my blog header at least 14 times in the past 12 hours.  Enough to never want to see Photoshop or InDesign for a few days.  I'm feeling so dang indecisive about everything. 

I didn't go to the gym today.  I ate a pack of starbursts. I drank soda. I'm in total sugar addiction mode.  Stupid hormones.  I even drank a beer last night.  Today, in total need of a glass of wine.  

But I did take Luna for a haircut and she looks fabulous.  I was ten minutes late on dropping her off and ten minutes late on picking her up though.  I figured I'd stay consistent.

Then I stood in front of the moisturizers at Kmart for at least a half hour tonight trying to pick out a brand since the one I've been using and that has been recommended is out.  And has been out for two weeks.  I couldn't decide if I should prevent wrinkles, prevent the sun, stop wrinkles, reduce wrinkles, clarify my pores, reduce acnes marks, tone my skin, or look refreshed and renewed.  It was an exhausting process.

I finally decided on Aveeno Smart Essentials.  The nighttime moisturizer at night and the eye thingy for those puffy eyes I get when I only have a few hours of sleep.  Which is too often.

I still will always use Vaseline on my eyes and lips at night.  It's a little tip a friend gave months ago on her Vlog that I still follow.  It always makes me feel refreshed in the morning and it's great at getting off waterproof mascara.  

We'll see how I like them.  Tomorrow I'll probably change my mind.  But I'm going to use them consistently unless I totally hate them.  I need a refreshing change.  I'm such a sucker for advertising.  They say they're the smart, natural choice.  They must be telling the truth right?  

I wish I could live one day as my hubby and he could live one period day as me.  Poor guy.  Hopefully, I wake up on the right side of the hormones, I mean bed, tomorrow.

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