Monday, February 13, 2012

I Was Scurrrrred...

Ok.  I took a big step today.  I'm not a person who gets their hair cut on a regular basis.  I get kinda scared.  I've had really really really bad haircuts.  I've asked for trims and had it cut up to my shoulders.  Listen hairstylists—a trim does not equal 8 inches off of someone's head!  Ugh, I digress.  That was many many years ago.  Since those horrible days I've only trusted my one friend to trim my hair.  But this time I was thinking of getting it colored or the keratin treatment.  I asked a friend to recommend a stylist since my friend does it out of her home.  She recommended the place she use to work at; Thomas Michael NYC.  

I'm not gonna lie, it was terrifying trusting someone else with my hair, especially since the guy said he was having the worst day in his life since his 30 years of styling.  Apparently, his computer systems at both salons were down and he was having issues with his bank so they were denying charges for everything he was trying to purchase.  

Umm.  I'm sorry I thought to myself, should we reschedule this?!  Oh shit.  Worst mistake of my life, I was thinking as he's combing out my hair.  I kept on saying in my head, tell him you're going to reschedule, it's really ok.  But he started and I was like ok, here we go.  No small talk.  No chit chat.  I just sat there staring at myself.  He started cutting and then said the words that I love to hear, "Wow, you have amazing hair, this is going to look amazing on you."  It took him a total of maybe 10 minutes to do the cut.  And it was done with so much ease.  He knew exactly what he was doing.  I saw myself in the mirror and LOVED it!  Seriously, love it.  I'm going to do the Keratin treatment before Aruba I think just to keep away the frizz.  Apparently, it doesn't take away your curl, it just keeps the frizz down.  Which is exactly what I need!  I'll show better pictures soon.  I swear.  I'm just kinda loving running my fingers through it right now.  

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so i'll be taking pictures I'm sure.  What to wear, what to wear.  Thankfully, I have like 140 dresses to choose from.  Decisions, decisions.  

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Rachel Larson said...

Hi! I just read your awesomely lovely love story on Ruche's blog. It was so sweet!! I am curious where you got your veil or if you are interested in selling yours. I am looking for THAT EXACT veil for my wedding in May and was just curious. :)


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