Monday, February 27, 2012

Just a Jane of All Trades...

I get bored so easily.  I can't help it.  I've always been pretty indecisive.  But I like my life that way.  I love stability when it comes to my love and my money, but when it comes to my hobbies and what I do on my down time, I can't keep stop loving different things.  I think I'm good at a lot of things, but I'm not a master of any.  But I'm OK with that.  Honestly, I kinda like it that way.  I like the fact that I dabble in a lot of things; my only problem is the follow through.  I start projects and then I get so easily sidetracked.  

I've been writing a book about the bar I work at for over two years now.  But things change all the time and then my idea for the book changes all the time.  Needless to say, it's still a work in progress.  Hey, it took JK Rowling like a thousand years or something to write Harry Potter, right? 

I've been trying to learn guitar and another language.  Guitar is still an ongoing process, but my practicing is just faltering.  Language attempt: epic fail.  I swear I'm going to pick it back up again.  

I write music.  I need to get my ass moving about getting it published.  Honestly, I'm scared.  I'm scared about putting myself out there.  I'm scared about being ripped off.  I'm scared about failing.  I'm scared of succeeding.  I'm scared of the entire idea of it all.

I had an idea a few months ago about making earrings out of buttons.  Especially old buttons.  The kind your Grama probably stored in tins.  I buy a lot of earrings.  Not the expensive kind.  The cute kind.  The unique kind.  But not the Claires kind.  I like old earrings.  I like going to antique stores and buying old clip ons.  I'm a dork.  A vintage loving dork.  So, recently I started making earrings.  And hair clips.

I like when people comment on them.  I like saying I made them.  I'm thinking of selling them, but Etsy isn't the way for me to go because of the fees.  I wouldn't charge that much for them, so Etsy just isn't the way for me.  I'm thinking of building a website, or just doing a Facebook page.  I'm not sure of what to do really.  Again, I'm just a little all of the place. 

I love having different creative outlets.  I need them for my sanity.  I need to keep my ideas fresh and stay creative.  But I need to also have some follow through. 

For those of you creative types, how do you stay motivated?  How did you make a real go at it?  When did you decide that a hobby could actually be something more and what did you do to make that happen? Just curious.  A girl needs a helping hand sometimes.

All this on my brain and I still am hitting the gym five days a week.  Aruba is just around the corner.  I know i'm going to lose my concentration.  I just got to keep my focus on all the end results.  Even if I'm not sure of what they are yet.


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