Monday, February 6, 2012


This weekend was just too jam packed with things to do.  That whole saying, "there's just not enough hours in the day" definitely fit my entire weekend to a tee.  

I've been working on a website for my job for awhile; since it needed to be done for Monday when we release our new menu, I felt a tad overwhelmed.  (I really try to make this blog about anything and everything BUT my job because I spend way too much time thinking about it already, but it's the reason that I've been MIA).  We had a staff meeting to introduce the new items and address other issues, I helped with menus, took photos, and edited photos... I'm tired of looking at a computer screen.  Isn't that ironic, as I sit here and blog?

I lost a ton of sleep on Friday because of my stress levels.  I thought to myself that I shouldn't take a melatonin to help me sleep because I didn't want to feel groggy the next morning, but instead I had about an hour of tossing and turning sleep.  I even resorted to the couch because the hubby started snoring, but only Luna fell asleep, I just laid wide awake.  

So instead of moping around I hit the gym hard after a night of not sleeping.  I've been completely motivated by friends, customers, and family members loyal support.  The hearing, "You look great D", or "Good job I can tell you're doing something, you look awesome," is really keeping me on track.  Hearing a stranger or two tell me I have great style while I was in the check out line also doesn't hurt. 

I think I'm exuding some sort of confidence I never thought I would ever have.  Hopefully, it stays that way.  But hopefully, I'll also learn to use my workouts as a way to de-stress from my day or mentally prepare myself for my day, instead of keeping that pent up tension that I have from the daily goings on in life.  I'm still learning here people.

I did have a nice lunch with my Dad, which has been long overdue.  It was a nice tradition that we picked up for a good year, that I was happy to have back again.  He's been having a hard couple of weeks and I was happy to listen to him vent.  He lost his brother and is a little stressed.  Sorry to say I didn't know my uncle, or any of my father's family really, but I hate to see anyone I love sad.  

After an unexpected, huge, busy, day at work on Saturday, I was totally prepared for a huge Super Bowl Sunday, only to have it completely flop.  Oh well, I guess when a local team is in the big game, everyone decides to keep game time at home to stay safe.  There's always next year, right?

I'm looking forward to Monday so much.  I love Mondays.  A little work, a little guitar, a little me time, and a lot of home time with my family.  Basically, a lot of what I love.  Happy Monday everyone!

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Learning As I Go Along said...

Send my condolences to your dad <3


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