Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sooo excited... Wow I'm a Dork...

So yesterday my mom and I went on our long walk.  Let me tell you, it's freaking cold out and it gets dark out so early, but we're still pushing on.  We're going to try and walk through the winter, other than when it snows; on those days we've agreed to get on our home machines, me on my elliptical and her on the treadmill.  We had such a great walk, and burned over 1100 calories on our 9 miles.  It was so weird because I was getting excited the whole day about the possibility of burning 3000 calories.  By 5:30 I was already at 2190 so I knew with a busy night at work I could push over the 3000 point.  And I did!  I burned about 3100 and walked over 24000 steps!  I know it's dorky and I know I'm happy about it, but I can't help it.  I've never wanted to push myself like this, and normally I would try to find any excuse to get out of exercise; now I'm the one pushing other people to do it.  I like the fact that my mom is up and moving more often; she may look good but she's got high blood pressure and high bad cholesterol, so sometimes I get scared when she gets lazy.  I've had friends drop me emails about how they like my blog and that makes me happy.  I feel like if people are tracking my progress, then they'll be the ones to keep me accountable.  I love it!  I need a swift kick in the butt every once in awhile; the people that tell me they're reading this are the ones that are inspiring me and keeping me in gear.  

I want to get back into doing my Wii fit.  I love that "game."  It really is like having a personal trainer in your home, but for me sometimes that's why I DON'T want to step on and play.  I hate trainers.  I hate the fact that they think that they have the perfect solution to everyone's weight problem.  They never take in to account that all people are different.  They never talk about your eating, they never talk about WHY you overeat or WHY you decided not to eat.  And I feel like they need to do it all.  A good trainer should be a nutritionist, a therapist, and a trainer.  I guess I've always expected too much out of the trainers I've trusted.  I guess I've expected them to fix everything, and I've put all my eggs in one basket and I've been disappointed over and over again.  I'm so done with trainers.  They get paid too much money for too little results.  Same thing with the weight loss centers.  I've done the whole Jenny Craig thing and yea, you'll lose weight.  But damn, you spend way too much money.  When I didn't have bills to pay, that was a great solution, but the second you stop the weight comes right back on.  It's just frustrating to do another yo yo diet.  I don't want to eat little prepackaged meals for the rest of my life.  Plus so much of it is processed and artificial.  With my stomach problems all the processed stuff hurts me.  I like eating organic, even though I spend so much more money.  I like using whole grains and whole fruits and vegetables.  No more weight loss centers for me, no more overpriced trainers.  I'm going to do this on my own... well with a little help from my friends... 

calories burned: 3030
calories consumed: 740 (I know, I know, but I was really busy)  

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