Friday, November 21, 2008

Freakin' Pizza in My Fridge...

Ok, I'm pretty good when it comes to my diet.  A big thing that helps is that my "husband" doesn't eat junk food either.  So there's no cookies, no chocolate, no ice cream.  Let me say, if it wasn't for that, if my cupboards were full with junk, I'd be at least 40 lbs heavier.  But every once in awhile on my "husband's" day off, he gets a pizza.  Now i'm usually not the biggest fan, but every once in awhile I get in the moods where I can't stop opening the damn box and looking at it.  Now there's a pizza place around here called Len and Jo's which is pizza I can't resist, but this is from some random delivery pizza place, so I thought I'd be ok.  But I can't stop looking at it.  I haven't had a piece and I'm still resisting.  I just wish he didn't get in those take out moods because it's just too damn tempting!  

So I'm staying out of the fridge and I made myself some veggies with some low fat cheese and a healthy version of grilled cheese.  I just can't resist cheese.  I think the pizza put me in that cheese mood.  So I made some grilled cheese on some whole grain organic flax bread and some laughing cow cheese (which is highly recommended! only 30 calories a wedge, i love the french onion flavor) and some garlic low fat cheddar.  No butter, just some butter spray, but it still tastes sooo good; of course with organic ketchup.  Yea i know, I'm a little weird.  But it really does taste better than it sounds, well at least to me.  

So it's almost 3 and my mom is back on board with going for our long walk.  So I've gotta put dishes in the dishwasher and put away clothes.  My "husband" likes to do laundry but he never puts it away, so I've got that fun job.  I'm looking forward to my walk.  It's supposed to be busy at work tonight because we've got a really popular band playing, so I'm hoping to surpass my highest calorie burn.  I'm going to get home late, and I have to be up at 9 tomorrow morning, so I can interview someone for an art piece.  I'm hoping it turns out good, even if I'm not completely functioning.  Maybe I should get up at 8:30 so I can get some green tea in.  I have to buy my "husband's" nephew a birthday present tomorrow too; he never knows what to choose... Nap time tomorrow before work here I come...

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