Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Long Walk...

On Tuesdays my mom and I have been going for walks, but she goes to the doctor every 2 weeks on Mondays to get a plantars wart removed from her foot, so every other Tuesday she can't go because she's in so much pain.  I feel bad for her because I went through the same thing about 4 years ago, and it took me just as long to get rid of them too.  After working at a gym in Manhattan, I got these really bad ones that took 2 years to get rid of.  I went to the dermatologist for everything under the sun that they could think of: burned off, dug out, and injected with cortisone (the latter being the most painful because there's thick skin that he had to stick the needle in, so I felt like I was dying!).  Finally I found something that said to put duct tape on them, and finally they started to go away and then they were gone.  My mom is on 2 years now too, that's why she's going every 2 weeks.  She's in so much pain afterwards that she has to take vicadin.  

So I didn't want to give up my long walk, so I called up my fellow bartender and asked her if she'd go with me.  To my surprise she said yes.  Her and I share similar woes when it comes to our weight.  We're always exercising and always trying to think of new ways to get where we want to be when it comes to our weight.  But Tuesdays are both of our days off, so I wasn't expecting her to be all gung hoe for it.  But she was and we were off.  We did about nine and half miles; over 19000 steps.  They say that in order to lose weight you should have 10000 a day, so on my walk days I surpass that.  I have to admit, the last hill that's been killing my mom and I lately was a lot easier then it was when we first started, and I'm so proud of myself for that.  Now my bartender wasn't too thrilled about that last hill, but she'll love me this morning.  We were both in pain afterwards, but I have to admit, I look at my mom with a new respect.  She's 54 years old and she puts me to shame half the time.  If I can be as strong as her in 30 years I'll be so happy.  Hell, if I look like her in 30 years I'll be thrilled.  My final burn count for my calories was the most I've had since I started my bodybugg.  I'm pretty proud of myself, and I can't believe how motivated I am still.  Normally my motivation starts to fade, but now I started off a little unmotivated and now it's building.  I'm so excited to get this under control.  Can't wait for my next long walk on Friday...

Calories consumed: 1440
Calories burned: 2724

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Trish said...

i agree... your mom looks good.


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