Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just Gotta Keep Moving ...

My main goal for the past couple of days has been to just keep moving.  On the weekends I really can't get too much exercise in because I'm working.  Plus I work at a restaurant, so I have to make sure that I keep moving, and I don't fall into the trap of eating there when I'm bored.  

My Sunday was pretty steady so I knew that I would be good on my calories burned; my Sundays are usually my biggest calorie burn day, even though I don't get to hit the pavement or the gym on that day.  But towards the end of the night I had no customers and an 80 year old dishwasher who takes forever to clean the kitchen.  So I did a little extra cleaning and a little extra moving around, but by the time I was done with everything, he still hadn't even washed the floors.  So I was on to plan B... instead of sitting on my ass and watching TV like I normally do when I wait for him, I decided that I would do the stairs at my job.  So for 35 minutes I just continually went up and down the stairs.  I have to admit, I'm exercising a lot lately because I'm bound and determined to reach my goal, but I was sweating my ass off!  And it felt great! I was proud of myself for being productive at a time when normally I opt for relaxing and unwinding. 

Mondays are always a killer for me.  I go to sleep too late on Sunday night and waking up at 10am doesn't help when it comes to my energy levels.  So I have my cup of green tea and I head off to school (after making my "husband" his sandwich for the day).  I park in the farthest parking lot from my building.  I'm a big fan of "accidental exercise."  Just from parking far away I get my steps up by at least 3000 to 4000, but then I get home from classes and the last thing I want to do is exercise.  I have the time, but the couch just calls my name.  I can't take a nap; there's this weird thing in me that unless I'm sick, I just can't sleep during the day (even when it's dark out at 4:30 like it is now).  After laying around and catching up on my shows from the weekend (I love dvr!) I decided that I had to get up and get to the store... Now I hate walmart and I try to avoid it like the plague but it was a needed trip today.  I parked as far away as possible and headed in to pick up some things.  I wanted to get this stuff that's advertised called "bio-oil" for stretch marks and such.  With gaining and losing so much weight over the years, I have this fear that I'm going to get bad stretch marks.  I have little tiny ones here and there, but I want those gone and I don't want anymore.  So hopefully this will be my preventative medicine.  Thank the lord walmart wasn't the crazy madhouse it normally is but I felt so uneasy leaving.  I was so mad at myself because I saw the guy in front of me pretty much steal something but I didn't say anything.  I was so scared about going to my car alone if he was found out.  He was being all slick by leaving big items in his cart while the little old man just use his little hand scanner to get to the items.  He just didn't see that the guy had some stuff behind some pillows in his cart.  The thing is, I thought, if i said something after he left the guy could have just said he missed that one or forgot about that one and would be let go.  Then there's me walking to the farthest parking lot away by myself after I told on him.  I opted not to say anything, but I wish I did.  I never understand people; why steal?  It wasn't a loaf of bread, it was like home goods stuff.  There just wasn't a need for it.

I bought some bee pollen today too.  My manager gives my fellow bartender and I it on big nights where we need energy, and it works really nicely; especially since I can't do the coffee thing.  So I bought a bottle for us; this weekend should be crazy busy because we're having a really popular band, so I made sure I was prepared.  I felt all energized so I decided that I would do the stairs at my house while I watched TV.  So while I cooked dinner for my "husband" I went up and down the stairs and did arm curls with 8lb weights.  I made myself some grapes with sugar free jello.  One of my customers told me about taking grapes and putting jello mix on them and then freezing them.  I guess on weight watchers they're a "free" food, and they taste like skittles.  I can't complain; every once in awhile you need something sweet.  I don't know what's going on with me but I'm getting motivated.  Finally!  It feels kinda nice to actually say I'm going to be productive when it comes to my weight and actually do it.  More and more people are noticing my bodybugg now, so I tell them what I'm doing and they all seem intrigued.  We shall see... Just gotta keep moving...

Calories consumed: 1330
Calories burned: 2018

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