Thursday, November 13, 2008

So much time spent being busy, yet nothing gets done...

So today was a typical Wednesday for the "husband" and I.  We wake up playing around and "fighting" over who is going to make "breakfast" or in our case who is going to go out and buy it.  We have eggs here.  We have cheese here.  But for some reason we go to the local diner to buy omelettes.  Yea sometimes we just like being lazy.  Pretty much when we get the chance, we like to be lazy.  I love Wednesdays.  I love being able to just lay around with him until I have to go to work.  But today I had to cut my cuddle time in half and get up off the couch and out of his arms in order to clean up a little bit more.  Now our house is always clean.  I guess my mom was right when she said it was annoying to clean up after people because now I love keeping my house clean.  I guess it's just different when something is your own.  I take pride in our home and I love knowing that if someone stopped by, our house would still look good enough to not be embarrassed to show.  But today I felt the need to have our house look nice because the "husband" was planning on having a guest over.  There's this girl from work who he's friends with that couldn't come to our housewarming party but has wanted to see the house.  So he asked me yesterday if I was ok with her coming over while I was at work.  And I was fine with it, I have no issues when it comes to him.  I know this man loves me more than anything in this world and the last thing he would do is cheat on me.  So I cleaned a little bit extra today and made sure that the house looked really nice, just to show off I guess.  I'm not sure what else it could be.  The funny thing is a part of me got jealous when my "husband" first mentioned this girl.  They kissed in 2001.  Now mind you, they kissed and that was all.  But for some reason I still got jealous.  Now I've obviously kissed other men, and he's obviously kissed other women. But I still felt this weird feeling overtake me.  Then I remembered that in 2001 I was in 11th grade and 17yrs old and that if we were together at the time it would have been totally illegal.  So I laughed it off and came back to reality.  I will never get jealous again.  

My day at work was uneventful.  The bar was dead, I made shitty money and I missed my baby.  The sad part is, my job really isn't half bad.  For us it's Wii Wednesdays, so once the bar died down a bit more, I played Wii.  I pretty much kick ass at tennis so for me I had a great end to the night. 

Let's see, I ate my egg white and spinach omelette, some sauteed broccoli with garlic and sun dried tomatoes, and a slice of pizza.  I'm pretty much happy with that.  I didn't get much exercise in, but cleaning today definitely burned the calories (2253 to be exact).  So it was a good food day; I just wish my stomach would cooperate and feel better.  I have IBS so most of the time it's killing me.  I have no insurance so medicine is out the window, but I do follow what the doctors told me to eliminate.  No artificial sweeteners, no white bread, and no... Coffee.  Yea the last one pretty much kills me, but I've switched to green tea and peppermint tea over the past 8 months or so, so I'm definitely getting used to it.  I just really miss my iced caramel lattes.  

So tomorrow is my long day of classes.  I'm there from 12 to 10 at night and it's pretty much non stop.  I just can't wait for this semester to end; I'm just exhausted.  I'm going to push myself tomorrow to try and hit the gym or hit the track at school.  Yesterday I did 2 hours around town; 8 miles.  That's my plan for Friday before work too.  I'm going to do this... the countdown continues.  

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