Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who Needs Bar Hopping...

Today was a fabulous day in Florida.  Not exactly the best day when it came to weather (I have the best of luck when it comes to bringing crappy weather with me to Florida, not for bringing the good weather back to New York), but the crappy weather actually worked in our favor; crappy weather equals slow days at theme parks.  

We woke up extra early (before 7:30 in the a.m. I tell ya!) but didn't get a chance to really make our way down to Orlando till about 9:30—from us fatties needing breakfast, to getting stuck in traffic, it just wasn't our day for an early wake up call.  Thankfully my brother's friend drove down, so I passed out for at least a half hour and then my brother did too; I'm really not a good passenger, the second I have to opportunity to fall asleep, I take it—I hate long drives and my back just isn't getting any better.  

My brother got us Disney hopper passes, which is the best invention ever!  I can't begin to tell you how awesome it was to step into Animal Kingdom, hop on a ride, and move on to the next park and with the weird weather (it was overcast, but sticky humid, then chilly, then humid, then just plain old cold) it was nice to be able to jump back into the car and either put on a sweater or lose it completely.


I don't know what it is about Disney parks that's so different from all the other parks out there... it just always makes me feel like a kid the second I step through the gates.  It just never fails to amaze me.  I've never been to Disney at Christmas time and I have to say, it was absolutely beautiful and it changed the whole park experience for me.  I felt just like a kid—even if at some points I might have felt like the cranky, whiney, tired kid.  

We hit Epcot and had a few drinks from around the world and then hit the new ride that's in the globe (at least it's new to me and it was pretty cool to see your photos from the future). 

Then we were off to the Magic Kingdom; which after a couple of drinks from around the world on an empty stomach I kept calling the United Kingdom (I was so confused on why my brother kept saying it back to me and laughing—it took me awhile to catch on).  

We hit Thunder Mountain...

Ate some lunch (did you know Disney weeded out McDonalds' and is now going for healthier fare in their parks?  Couscous is on the menu!) But not everything is healthy...

We tried to hit Pirates of the Caribbean, but unfortunately it was down due to technical difficulties.  It didn't matter, I was on a mission to find stuff for my bestie's little peanut that's growing in her belly in FantasyLand.  I'm pretty excited about the upcoming addition of Bell's and Ariel's castles come this time next year—I guess I have another excuse for a December vacation...

We were the most excited about heading to Disney's Hollywood Studios, so it was the last stop on our hopper pass (so sad to see MGM studio name gone).  

We needed to see the Osborne Family Light Show (no, not that Osbourne Family) and it was absolutely amazing!  I'm so glad my brother had the idea to go!

These lights take months to put up and then months to take down.  Set to music, the spectacle is a sight to see!  And I have to say, being with my brother and seeing snow fall around us with the Christmas lights and music, did make me a tad teary eyed—SHHH!

But they both made up for the moment I was having by taking me on the Tower of Terror; let me just say, I am NOT a fan of heights and this ride terrifies me!!!!  But my brother got me on by reminding me that years and years ago, my Grandma went on it with us... kudos to her, I wish I could find that picture!

This is Us Being Silly...

This is No Joke—That's Pure Fear on My Face!

Then they tricked me onto the Aerosmith Ride... I didn't realize it was a roller coaster with flips and spins, thankfully it's in the dark; I'm still not sure why the shoulder bar wasn't a dead giveaway for me!

I think the park hopper pass is the best idea ever; I really never realized how close each of the parks are to each other until going like we did today.  It was an amazing experience and I really did feel like a kid; which is a really nice feeling.  To just let go and have fun and be silly is kind of a relief!  But after a long day and a long drive back filled with dance songs, Christmas music, and glee soundtracks, I'm glad to be in bed.  I can't wait to sleep in!

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