Sunday, December 11, 2011

Look at Us, All "Growed" Up...

So I realized one thing from being at a party with my brother—he is a social butterfly, which trust me, I never thought I'd say!  Normally, I'm really good with not hanging on the wall, but I just wasn't in my element, but my brother, it was so nice to see him be outgoing and with his friends.  It's funny how people are so different when they just feel like they're at home.

I did take the opportunity to dress up in holiday attire.  I'm pretty sure i've never worn a red dress and I know I've never worn a red dress like this!  

Like I said, I planned on letting loose.  But a few Malibu, Cranberry, and Ginger Ales just weren't enough to let me out of my shell and I think I was a tad too tired from my early morning flight to really feel like letting go.  But the house looked gorgeous, the liquor was flowing, and the fireplace was keeping everyone warm.

It's been a while since I had as many belly laughs as I did at this party.  Thanks for making sure I flew down just in time brother—the memories will last a lifetime!  And if one of us ever has kids, you know how you tell the story about Mom pulling me out of a restaurant when I was eight by my hair for being a brat, well, I'll always tell the story of your party.  I love it and I love you!  Thanks for the invite!

The morning after included brunch at a cute place in walking distance from his house.  I'm just not use to this morning after a party etiquette; brunch was definitely needed even though I didn't drink too much, I'm pretty sure my brother had a really good time—I don't think I've ever seen him with a hat on (I guess I'm learning a whole new grown up side to him—strange!)  

He's the best though, he even took me shopping at a antique shop where I bought plenty of vintage clip ons and some for pierced ears; he was pretty patient with me too because I just couldn't stop myself from the earring cases. I'm pretty in love with all of them, I can't wait to wear them.

Now we're watching Home Alone 2 and tomorrow we're off to Disney to see the Christmas lights.  I've never been to Disney during Christmas, but I hear it's a sight to see.  I can't wait! I love not having a care in the world.  Thank God for FaceTime, it's keeping me from missing my other half too much!  Now, I can have fun without going too crazy.  Although, I'm pretty sure I FaceTimed him three times during the party—Oh well, I'm trying.

I Am Missing this Little One too—She Doesn't Recognize Me Through FaceTime

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Learning As I Go Along said...

I had to double take the picture of your brother in a hat! I am glad you're having a good time <3


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