Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Really Need to Start Keeping Track of These Things...

Sometimes it's really easy to forget how lucky you are in life.  Sometimes it's really easy to fall knee deep into the shit and forget all the blessings that God has put before you. 

I love the Holiday season because for some reason we convince ourselves that everything is better with a Christmas tree up and decorations.  That somehow everyone is nicer and that everyone respects everyone else.  Lord, knows we're wrong, but maybe it's a good thing that we convince ourselves that there is a time when everyone has the best of intentions and that only good comes out during this season.  Maybe with baby Jesus watching our lives unfold in our homes from his manger, we think that only good will come from our mouths and from our hearts.

I'm a sucker for Christmas and I'm a sucker for being a trustworthy person.  And this season just brings it out in me full- force.  I see lights on houses and happy children and I think that all is good in the world.

I saw snowflakes falling from the sky today as I locked the door to my house and I couldn't help but smile, even though I was going into work early on a Saturday and I had a horrible night of sleep.  It's hard to smile through the shit, but at Christmas I can only hope to have just a little bit more time with my family and a little bit more time with my friends that I do have, and say Thank You God for blessing my life with the people you have blessed me with and for giving me free will.

I have a good life—a family I can count on, a hubby that loves me, a beautiful home, and a puppy that makes me smile like she's the child you haven't yet given me; everything else is just icing on the cake.

Thank you God for caring for my heart and making me a good person—I hope I never disappoint.


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