Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another Late Start...

So on Tuesday we had this big plan—we'd go down to Manhattan for the David Nail concert we bought tickets for, but beforehand we'd see the tree in Rockefeller Center and then hit the holiday shops down in Union Square.  Yea, it was a really good idea.  We overslept.  Had errands to run.  And the gym to hit.  We always take the train halfway down because I refuse to park my car in the city.  I want to keep her safe and pretty for a really long time, or until I get a new one.

I just can't stay off my iPhone.  I remember the days when I used to forget my cell phone at home.  I would turn back around for my phone now.  I love having an amazing camera available to me at anytime and Words with Friends and texting— Oh God, I'm so obsessed.

 Oh well, so we saw an amazing concert and didn't stand in the rain for too long but I have to say walking around with wet jeans on is not the best feeling in the world (That's right, rain, in December, in New York, let me just tell you how much I love that!  I'm really not looking forward to snow at all).  

I guess the best place to see country music really is in NYC because this was at Webster Hall and it was a tiny show.  Very loud with lots of screaming, young, twenty somethings, but amazing none the less.  I wasn't too thrilled for the 45 minute wait that he made us stand through, but it was worth it especially since we stood front row (even though my hubby wasn't too thrilled by David Nail sweating on him).  But that sweat had its perks, since he took my phone and videotaped from stage.  Being front row, is so worth it.  It was kinda cool.  Ok, it was very cool.  I can't stop showing off the video.

I've been using his guitar as a screensaver since we saw him in Nashville at The Tin Roof when I snapped this photo.

It's definitely a motivation for people like me who have a tinge of stage-fright when performing.  

If you don't know his music, do yourself a favor and check him out.  He's got an amazing voice and he's extremely talented.  Hopefully, he'll still be playing $15 concerts this time next year.

I wanted to stay at the bar and hang out but the hubby decided he was going to be a party pooper and be home early.  I'm just saying babe, I coulda talked shop with David Nail, I coulda talked shop.  

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