Monday, February 1, 2010

A Look Back...

After a long weekend at work, I ended up sleeping until noon, but stayed in bed until about 12:30. Oh, the joys of being a bartender. Around 10 a.m. the hubby started to try to get me out of bed because he couldn't sleep anymore. I managed two more hours and then some. I just hate days like this. I managed to sleep nine hours and yet I felt like I could have slept 10 more. It never fails. It's one of those days where too much sleep leaves you feeling drained. The next few hours were spent on the phone with my editor for the magazine I'm interning with and with people whose houses we plan to show. I'm looking for those great quotes. I've ended up empty-handed. Hopefully, tomorrow will have new inspiration and a finished product. Saturday I'm going to see the start of the production process. It's a part of the magazine world that I never expected to see, so it should be exciting. Maybe I'll be allowed to take pictures? Or is that a little unprofessional? I'm just one of those people who is constantly amazed by new things. I'm hoping that this is one of those things. Although the eight a.m. wake up call might take some of the excitement away.

After putzing around for the rest of the day I ended up at my mom's house so I could enjoy some chicken parmigiana. The hubby had me envisioning a day at the apple orchard and a dinner for two, but plans change, especially when you both are in the mood to stay in your pj's and bathrobes. Today was definitely one of those days. But I have to say that mom's home cooking is probably better than anything that Olive Garden could bring to the table.

Going up to mom's house I was determined to find some old pictures of my brother, my cousin, and me. Mom and I started talking about everything and anything and I tore out the old box of pictures. I finally found the picture I was looking for and I couldn't be happier. I'm sure my brother and my cousin wish I never found them, but I was determined. Hey, I have a fro and I'm willing to show it. Hopefully they won't hate me too much.

A few weeks ago I had these vivid memories of these mice that I used to love when I was a kid. I remembered that when we built forts and stuff, that we would decorate them. Yes, that's right. Decorate the forts. I'm sure the guys in the family will scream when they see this, but then again, my brother discovered the same little cats that are seen in this picture at an antique store. I guess we both love things that remind us of Grama and of Home. Well I found these little mice again and now they are in my home. I just love remembering these days.

I couldn't believe the other finds that I came upon. Remember those white dishes and such that my mom passed down to me because I fell in love with them? Well, they were collecting dust in her basement, so she cleaned them up for me and then had flowers put into the vase. Well here's my mom from 1974 in all her glory on Christmas morning. I'm glad I could give them some life again.

This was my parents' first Christmas as husband and wife. Look at my mom! She looks just like me! Well, you know what I mean. I never saw it when I was younger, but yup, there's no denying that I'm her daughter.

Here's us on my wedding day.

Change the nose a little bit (sorry mom) and here I am, my mom's mini me. Isn't she blessed? I know I am.

I can't help but travel down memory lane. My childhood as the chubby kid may not have been perfect, but looking back, all I can remember is the days spent with my family. With them I knew that no matter how big the fight my brother and I had or how much we swore we hated each other, we still were each other's best friends. Childhood. It's all a blessing in disguise.

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Trish said...

Before I even got to the section that you wrote about you being your mom's mini me and about you looking like her, I said, "wow, Dana really looks like her mom." You really do.

The picture with the fro, I totally remember that girl.

I know what you mean about remembering things, I have those moments too. They're wonderful especially when you find what you're remembering.


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