Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed In...

Our Big Snow Storm and It's Not Over Yet

So today is one of those days that we all dream of: a day where we don't need to make up an excuse to stay home because mother nature already provided it. I was off from work today anyway because I'm sick. Well not exactly sickkkk, but contagious. That's right folks, I've got pink eye. Hilarious right? I feel like I'm in first grade again. The young girl at work had it this weekend, but didn't think there would be an issue. Well, if there is sickness around, count on me to contract it.

Since I am snowed in I plan on accomplishing a lot today. At least that's what my plan is. I should clean both bathrooms from top to bottom. Then I should take a long jetted bubble bath. Yup, things I should definitely do. I should go and shovel the snow off of the front porch and try to an attempt the use of the snow blower. Then I should take a long jetted bubble bath. I should look longingly at my new dining room table. Because it is so beautiful and deserves to be stared at. I can't believe how well it fits in to our little home. But then again, that's why we picked it. So, never mind, I do believe it.

Our Old Small Table

Our Empty Dining Room Waiting For the Table to Arrive

Our Gorgeous New Table!

Totally Loving This Table From Wooden Treasures

I should catch up on my Times and New Yorker magazines. I should finally finish Dear John so I can drag my hubby to the movies to see it, even though the movies usually disappoint. But this time, I read the book because I want to see the movie, so I don't have much invested. I did finally watch The Time Traveler's Wife which is one of those amazing books that just didn't work as a movie. It worked a little bit. Well, if it wasn't for the beginning of the film I would love it. But I still enjoyed it, especially because I have a girl crush on Rachel McAdams and on the house they live in. I should do some laundry, but will most likely leave it for my hubby, since I do plan on taking a long jetted bubble bath. I should do some pilates or some yoga. I should attempt to clean the basement. I should update our scrapbook, well, my scrapbook, hubby thinks I'm a dork for scrapbooking every moment of our life together. I should organize the closets...

There's only one thing hindering me from doing all the things I should do: Nyquil. Oh Nyquil, you helped me to get to sleep instead of keeping the hubby up with my persistent cough, but now you've made me feel like I have weights pulling down on my eyelids. Maybe with a few cups of green tea with lemon and honey in the raw, plus my vitamins, I'll get stuff accomplished from my Should Do List, but until then I'm here watching a marathon of old Roseanne episodes.

Anything that you should do today? You got to love snowy days...
View From Our Front Porch

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