Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Look...

So I've made some progress on my Should Do List.
  • I made some phone calls.
  • I put away the laundry and tried to get the closets into some kind of order.
  • I shoveled my car out and shoveled around the hubby's spot and I cleaned off the front porch.
  • I cleaned the bathrooms (although the upstairs one is waiting for the renovation to be done until I do a complete cleaning).
  • Updated our scrapbook of love (great name right? haha)
Now all I need to do is take that jetted bubble bath and catch up on my reading. Although there is this little nook at the corner of my side of the couch that needs to be organized. It drives the hubby nuts, but it's mostly my magazines and mail. Hopefully catching up on my reading will solve the problem...

So my brother has informed me that my dining room needs a little bit of a change. Not a drastic one, but one that he thinks will make an impact. He thinks I should change my pantry cabinet to the other wall or kiddy corner it. Which look do you think is best?

Here's a view of it against the window wall

Here's What it Looks Like From the Side

Here's What it Looks Like Kiddy Cornered

And Again From the Side

And Here's An Up-close View of Our Pretty Chairs

Let me know. I'm all eyes.


Trish said...

My vote is kitty corner it

Trish said...


Dana said...

that's my vote too... adam thinks it's kaddy corner, but I always thought it was kiddy corner lol


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