Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Little Bit Of Shopping...

A couple of posts ago I mentioned how my love for clothing has turned into a love for house finds. I've made a B-line for the home section at stores instead of the clothing section. I've brought home great finds that just make my days a little bit happier. I think to myself, an outfit I can only wear once in awhile, but I always come home to our house and can see the beautiful things around. But now that the house is feeling all warm and starting to have that more finished look, I've felt the need to put pretty dresses back on my to purchase list.

Sometimes I can't help myself. I'll see a pretty dress and I become quite convinced that it was meant for me to try on. Then I put it on and become convinced that the dress was truly meant for me to buy. I love a pretty dress. I love a dress with a vintage feel. One that makes me feel as if Marilyn Monroe and I were just hanging around the garden as the best of friends sipping pink champagne. Minus the drugs.

I'm not willing to spend a ton of money on clothes like I use to, but I can't pass up a good deal! I found this dress over the weekend at TJ Maxx— $49 for a Calvin Klein shirt dress! Beautiful, just beautiful!

Then I found these great dresses at ModCloth.

Images Courtesy of Modcloth.com

I love ModCloth. I'll go through the site for hours and hours just looking at the vintage stuff and the vintage looking stuff. These two dresses are the first things I have ever purchased from the store. I'll have to show pictures of me in them once they arrive in the mail. I always have to worry about the length of the dress. I love a dress, but I'm not willing to show too much. I know the babydoll dresses are in, but this girl is not willing to show everything for the sake of fashion. I guess I'll just have to keep working at my pilates and training so these legs are ready for spring dresses and summer. I hate to wear shorts all the time. I'm more of a dress and skirt kinda girl. I'm going to embrace it this year. And these purchases are a great new start. It's a nice pick-me-up during these snowy days... makes me remember that spring is just around the corner!

One of these dresses will probably be worn during my bride to be best buds bridal shower and maybe one for the rehearsal dinner...

This is the vintage pin that I purchased to wear with my Matron of Honor dress come July... What can I say? Shopping is one thing I hate to procrastinate!

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