Saturday, January 30, 2010

Decorating and Those Short Shorts...

I love decorating our home. I can't help myself when there are sales at places like Homegoods and TJ Maxx. When I was younger I used to shop for clothes. Tons of clothes. Clothes that I look back on and wonder, "what the hell was I thinking?"- I was the queen of graphic tees and everything Abercrombie & Fitch. When I started to lose a lot of weight in high school I wore short shorts. I still look back and wonder how I was let out of the house in those short shorts. I put on those barely theres a few months ago once I accomplished my weight loss goal and found out that I fit in those size six A&F shorts from when I was 17. Oh yea, I fit in those yellow shorts and felt like a million dollars. I met my ultimate goal. To always be able to fit into these shorts, is my way of measuring my health and success. But wow, are they short!

Hubby says they look great. But then again, I believe he thinks I would look great in a pair of oversized sweatpants and his old t-shirts. Actually, he tells me that he loves me in those exact things because that's my normal garb for sleeping. He is pretty amazing.

Back to decorating. I've been looking for an entryway table for months now and I haven't found anything that has really caught my eye. The things I have found are in the price range of $400. A price I'm not really willing to spend for a table that will most likely just collect our keys. So I've held off the need to just buy something already. I'm glad I did. Yesterday I headed into TJ Maxx and found that they've expanded there home decor section. Although I still like to randomly buy clothes (albeit a lot cheaper than the clothes I wore in my teens), I was thrilled to see more stuff for the home. I found a table I loved, but it was with a brown finish. I thought to myself, "only if this was in black, I would totally buy it!" Then I turned around and found that it was indeed in black! ChaChing!!!! For $79 I purchased this amazing little table.

And after struggling to fit it into my trunk and then successfully in the passenger seat of my little two-door Civic, I finally was able to bring this treasure home. Into the kitchen entryway it went. With my brand-new tea set placed on top and my mother's pitcher and flower bud vase, I am happy to say that I have the look I was going for. Our house is finally starting to look like a real honest to goodness home. I finally have the little nooks and crannies coming together so each little corner of our house is feeling like us. With a collection of things from my mom and my grandmother, plus little finds that I've been able to obtain, it finally feels like ME; the combination of all things woman from our family.

My mom also gave me this vase that matches the pitcher, bud vase, and bowl (that's in the center of our dining room table).

For Christmas, she had the flower shop that we used for our wedding (and every other occasion) put silk flowers into it that are an exact replica of my wedding day bouquet. This is one of the best presents ever. And the red candy jar next to it is a gift from my brother. When I was a kid my grandmother had a dish exactly like this. For a wedding present he found one at an antique shop. It was a perfect gift. I love these things. They remind me of being in my old home when I was a kid. They remind me of family. This is another one of those nooks that I can't stop staring at. Reminded how thankful I am for all the things God has blessed us with, I'm off to church. I love our home.

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