Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh What a Feeling...

I'm feeling really good right now. Upbeat. Optimistic. Just plain old good. I spent the day with my mom doing some shopping for the house (well for my bathtub that will be put in exactly a week from today!) I love being able to spend time with mom and enjoying the wisdom that she has from her heartaches and downfalls to her optimism and loving heart. I can't think of anyone better to learn from. I just love being with her. We hit up Homegoods (with no success for the entryway table I'm looking for) our favorite jewelry store and then a plumbing store so I could purchase the faucets for my new tub. Oh yea, my new tub. Oh lovely, warm, bubbly tub. I always get a little sidetracked when I think about soaking in it, my bad. Avocado turkey burgers were on the plate for dinner. Overall it was a great day. Especially since I went to the dentist after two years with a clean bill of health other than an old filling that needs to be replaced. I just worry about my teeth after having an accident when I was thirteen that almost tore them out of my mouth. Memories. Sigh. I guess it couldn't be too perfect of a day.

Tonight I went to Jen Murphy with my best bud and bride to be. I love the feeling that I get after a workout with Jen. I just wish I could motivate myself to do it ALL the time when I'm free. On a good note, the bride to be and me are also planning on stepping up for some more one on one sessions with Jen. Here's to my beach body for our next trip to Aruba in June. Can't wait to feel even better in shape.


Trish said...

I'm still feeling the effects

Dana said...

same here :)


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