Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Month in Our Home...

Every month my hubby announces that it's time to pay the mortgage and that by successfully doing so, we're "allowed" to stay in our house for another month. We're always early with our mortgage payment in the fear that the payment might not get to the bank in time. So now I bring the payment down to the bank personally. But it still has to be early. I think he still can't believe that this house is ours. That he owns something and isn't renting. For 36 years of his life he's never lived in a home. I think it's a shock to his system. One of the quirks of my hubby. Another reason to love him.

We finally hung some of our wedding pictures in our bedroom. Although I envisioned a collage of many photographs, the hubby wasn't showing the same enthusiasm. After weeks of trying to find the right hooks to hang the pictures with, he finally found ones that he trusted. So I now have some wedding photos on our wall and I couldn't be happier. And yes, that's my childhood teddy bear, Snuckems, laying on my side of the bed. That's my buddy. Don't judge.

Here are the photos that are on the wall by the AMAZING Mike Bloom. Words could not describe how I feel and how everyone we know feels about his photography. He captured our day better than we ever thought possible. You will not regret checking out his site.


Trish said...

I like the layout. How did you put the "you might like this" section? Your header is great too.... Very Dana :)

Dana said...

thanks, i'm loving it... def me. Click on the little thing on the bottom right corner of those pics it says something like "linkdin" and it will direct u to the site that does it... very simple :)


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