Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rough Week but It's Getting Better...

So everything seems to be looking good with my mom.  The surgery was successful and the doctors are optimistic that the cancer hasn't spread.  To say the least, I feel so relieved.  I feel so grateful and hope that the doctors are right and my mom's test results come back negative.  Please remember her in your prayers. 

As to my workout week... it's been an interesting one.  I haven't worked out much since my Jen Murphy session last week.  But I have been trying to remain active.  I walked when I was at the hospital with my mother and I have continued to do the criss cross sit ups that Jen has recommended.  Surprisingly, when I went to Jenny Craig yesterday I still lost .6 lbs.  A little over half a pound isn't bad, especially with barely working out and not eating according to the plan.  And it's that time of the month, so I'm a little bloated.  Honestly, I was expecting to gain weight, but to my surprise I still lost, even if it was only a little.  Hey, a little is better than nothing at all, or gaining!  So I'm actually thrilled with my .6 lbs and it's honestly made my week a little better.  I'm pretty much on cloud nine over it.  When I was getting dressed yesterday I went in to show my hubby the progress and he can't believe how flat my stomach is looking.  I can't either!  It's just strange to me because I haven't lost that much weight in the 3 weeks I've been seeing Jen and Jenny Craig.  In total it's 5 lbs.  But my body is changing like crazy.  At least I think it is.  I think I always get discouraged and give up easily because I don't SEE the changes, hopefully this is what I need: to do the eating plan and to see a trainer, maybe that will be what will keep me on track.  I've always done one or the other.  I'm either eating great and doing no exercise or I'm exercising and eating like what I put in my mouth doesn't matter.  I'm changing everyday.  Maybe this is the grown up me looking at weight loss.  I'm not freaking out about losing .6lbs like I would have before.  I'm rejoicing over it.  Hopefully with my optimism this week will be even better...

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