Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Hate Jen Murphy! ok ok I love her...

I'm in so much pain.  Our training session with Jen Murphy just ended a little over an hour ago and I'm already in so much pain.  Now we've been working out for awhile, Lori and I, and I didn't think I could be in more pain than I have been after our sessions, but man was I wrong!  I've never hurt right after working out, normally it takes a day or two.  Planks, roll ups, criss crosses, everything we did kicked my ass.  I love this pain but man I hate it just the same.  Give props to Jen Murphy, she definitely knows what she's doing.  I'm a huge fan of hers, become one too... www.jenmurphyfitness.com

Now is it just me or do you always look fatter than you think you are once you're working out in front of mirrors?! 

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Trish said...

I hate working out in front of mirrors...but at St. Rose working out in front of the guys didn't bother me.. weird right? Must've been that I did leg presses that put some of them to shame, lol... I'm looking forward to our walk/jog/run tomorrow!


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